Tiffany and Gaelan

Tiffany and Gaelan's Engagement in In our new home

How We Met

I met Gaelan back in May of 2017. We actually connected through a dating app called OkCupid! He messaged me and I was intrigued by his profile photo because he was so cute! I instantly responded back, but after a few messages, I had come to realize I was in the wrong account! I had joined this app a few years ago but had forgotten that I had created a more current one. I instantly deleted the account but never informed Gaelan of my intentions! I logged into my current account and a few hours later I had a message from Gaelan again.

He asked if I was the same person he was previously speaking to and if I was still interested in speaking to him. If I was then I should message back and if not, then he wished me well. I was so embarrassed and felt silly, but of course, I was interested so I immediately answered back! After a few days of messaging back and forth, he asked me out to dinner. We met at a restaurant called Beatrice and Woodsley in downtown Denver where we now visit every year to celebrate our anniversary. He was so handsome and much taller than I expected ha! He seemed nervous, but relaxed as the night went on.

I ordered a dish called The Tortoise and The Hare. I didn’t look at the ingredients too well because when the server brought the dish over, he explained that the pasta was stuffed with a turtle! I was mortified! Gaelan and I had a good laugh, but I ended up eating it. Tortoise is dark meat and actually good (though I haven’t ordered the dish since). We talked for hours and decided we should head out because it was getting so late. When he was walking me to my car, he asked if he could kiss me and I refused! I told him I don’t kiss on the first date and I really don’t, but I later found out that he didn’t believe me! Gaelan had thought I wasn’t interested in him until he pursued a second date and I said yes again. After that we have been inseparable and he is truly my best friend!

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How They Asked

April 6th was the possession date of our new home. The former owner was still fixing a few last minute items in the home so we couldn’t possess until later in the day. So by that time we had just gone to my son’s soccer game and could finally enter our first home together!!! We had collected a few wallpaper samples and Gaelan was in our bedroom looking at them. I was laying on the carpet in the living room just taking it all in and recovering from the heat of the soccer game. It was a surprisingly warm day!

When Gaelan called for me to come look at the wallpaper samples. Annoyed because I wanted to go shopping for a new mattress (I had been wanting one for over a year, but he said we could get one if we ever got a new place) and not look at wallpaper. I got up and went into the bedroom. He was staring out the bedroom window and looking out into the valley. One of our favorite features of the home! He called me over and asked me to stand next to him. He kissed the top of my head and put his arm around me. He asked if I could look out at this view forever and I laughed and said of course!! He then asked if I loved him and I said yes. Then he responded, “well then if that is the case…” he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I just covered my mouth and stared in shock. I asked if he was serious and if he was sure multiple times and broke into tears saying yes!!!

We hugged and he put the ring onto my shaking finger. I instantly called everyone but no one was answering at 3 in the afternoon! Seriously?! After about 10 minutes of not getting ahold of anyone I called my sister who I didn’t want to bother because she was in Japan on vacation at the time. So at 7 am in Japan my sister was the first to answer. Thank you Mella! We were on FaceTime and I finally saw myself! My hair was sticking up with sunglasses still on my head ha! My sister asked if I got engaged looking like that and we burst into a fit of laughter. We joked that it was a good thing that there wasn’t a photographer around. I was seriously so surprised and I can’t wait to marry my best friend. It was the best day ever.

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