Tiffany and Ethan

Image 1 of Tiffany and EthanHow we met: Ethan and I are from a small rural town in Alabama where everyone literally knows everyone. At 9 years old, our school decided to re-route our buses throwing Ethan and I onto the same bus. He lived only five minutes down the road but somehow we had never met. Ethan tells me now he knew from that first day we were meant to be together. I remember thinking Ethan was this awkward shy kid on the bus with pretty cool taste in music. I made it a mission every month to try and talk him into burning me a mixed CD. Most of them I still have. You hear all these horror stories about riding a school bus and how uncool it was. But some of my fondest memories from elementary and early high school were cracking jokes, jamming out, and digging through lunch boxes trying to find snacks every afternoon on the ride home with Ethan. When we were 16, Ethan worked up the nerve to ask me out. But as fate would have, I broke up with him after a week and I actually set him and a friend of mine up. Time went on and while we dated different people we always managed to stay friends. One week before Ethan’s senior prom he worked up the nerve one more time to ask me out and we’ve been together ever since. We made it through not only four years of college but nursing school as well. I was accepted into RN school and one semester later Ethan was accepted into the LPN program. Any of my fellow nurses out there know, nursing school is hard enough on it’s own much less managing a relationship with both people being in the program!! But we made it through and came out nurses in the end. Now we’re soon to be Mr. and Mrs! Who could have guessed that at nine years old I would meet the boy who would change my world forever and make me the happiest girl in the world.

how they asked: I always told myself that I knew Ethan well enough he would never be able to hide any secrets from especially not one as big as a proposal! I mean I’ve known this boy for 13 years, there was no way he could sneak something like that by me. Wrong! I had just started working as a nurse and passed NCLEX when a few weeks later Ethan told me he was taking me and my best friend, Haley, to the zoo. Right off, I should have suspected something because Ethan was NEVER one to plan things. But it had been a whirlwind couple of weeks so I just went along with the plans. We were walking around on what I swear was the hottest day of the summer yet when Ethan wants to take a picture in front of the giraffes. Haley takes the shot and as I’m about to walk off Ethan tells me he has a question for me. He then proceeds to drop to one knee and asks me to marry him! I finally was able to stammer out a yes (I realized I had him trying to place the ring on the wrong hand after that) and plant one on him before looking at Haley and scream “Did you know??” See, just three days before Haley had fed me this very convincing story to throw me off the scent that her and Ethan had made plans to go next month to ring shop and that it would be a little while longer. Now we’re engaged! Ethan and Haley tell me later he had originally planned to propose when we took a picture in front of the lions but I was so excited to see them start the lion training that I took off as soon as the picture was taken. Oops! The day couldn’t have went more perfect though.

Image 2 of Tiffany and Ethan

I called my parents after we left to share the good news when my mom told me she already knew all about it. Ethan had went a few days before to my house and asked permission from both of my parents. Seriously, how perfect could he be? And now we’re present day and the planning is in full swing!

Image 3 of Tiffany and Ethan