Tiffany and Darren's Free Puppy Proposal

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How We Met

I had just moved back from California, back to Anchorage. I was attending church with my parents in October, when I saw this VERY attractive man. Unfortunately, he was sitting with a woman (who happened to be a friend from PA school) and I figured he was off limits. I remember thinking “she better know how lucky she is!” Darren just moved to Anchorage, from Fairbanks to start PA school. Little did I know, I caught Darren’s attention in October as well.

Sunday, April 11th I was standing in church thinking “I wish someone would recognize me and want to pursue me” (I had just watch the Longest Ride, the night before) As soon as service was over, I saw that attractive man by himself, and I was trying to rush my mom to get a better look. Well I lost him and my mom, so I threw my coffee cup away. Out of the corner of my eye I see that attractive man get out of line, walking towards me. He introduced himself as Darren, and I repeated his name about 10 times so I wouldn’t forget it. We talked for about 15 minutes and before I left he asked me out to dinner. The first date was amazing, we dressed up and went to dinner and hot chocolates afterwards! After the second date I told my mother seriously, that I was going to marry Darren Frampton. He was everything and more that I had prayed for in a man!

After a few more dates we became very comfortable with each other and we both knew we would get married eventually! He eventually told me that he had noticed me back in October when he moved to Anchorage. He noticed I had a coffee in my hand the first time he saw me, so he stood in our church coffee cart line every Sunday hoping that he would get the chance to talk to me. Unfortunately I attended other services or would miss service so he didn’t talk to me till April. But I found it very adorable that he was pursuing me from October till April! God perfectly timed it!

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how they asked

February 21st, we landed in Hobe Sound, Florida the night before for his grandparent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary that week. We attended his families church, which at this church, they dress up! Darren helped me the week before pick out my outfit. Before we got to Florida, we knew it was about the family so we didn’t know how much beach time we would get. Darren told me after church we would run to the beach for awhile before the family’s early dinner. We made it to Coral Cove Beach, it was beautiful out! We were both very dressed up, which felt funny to me but still suspecting nothing!

We walked along the beach, me being very distracted with the coral and the water and the sand, and Darren trying to get me to the right destination. He slyly got me back on track and we made it up the beach to find a big colorful box, that said “Free Puppy”. Now ever since Darren and I have dated I have bugged him about a puppy or a puppy proposal. He was by my side when we put down our family’s dog this summer and he knew my heart for dogs! Once I saw the puppy box I was hesitant. Darren kept crushing my dreams about getting a dog, we could afford one, he was in school, it wasn’t realistic, etc. So I knew if I opened that box I’d be fighting him to keep whatever was in that box! Darren however, told me to check it out. I ran up and opened the box and a yellow lab pops his head up! Darren and I have been dreaming of a lab named Duke (once we got married). I tell Darren there is a dog in the box and he acts confused and tells me to see if it has a collar. Well sure enough, the pup had a collar. A pink heart that read “Please say yes – Duke”. I turned around to look at Darren and he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!

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It was a complete dream come true! He opened up the box and and above the ring said “Tiffany & Co.” with my DREAM ring in the box. I was shaking so much! I couldn’t believe it…my dream man gave me my dream proposal!

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