Tiffany and Daniel's Photoshoot Proposal

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How we met

Sunshine, sea air, growing spiritually, friends, and fun sounded like a great getaway. Campus crusades for Christ (CRU) was having it’s annual winter conference in California. On the first night of the week-long conference all of the CRU’s from Arizona met in a room. They had us do some activities that let us get to know each other a little bit. This was when we first noticed each other. He later told me that he turned to his friend Kyle after the activities and said, ” I just saw the most beautiful red-headed girl.”

Later that night I was hanging out with my friend Jamie and we ran into her brother Scott. Daniel and Kyle happened to be hanging out with him and they asked us to go to In-N-Out with them. Jamie was supposed to meet up with another friend so we declined but when we went to go meet up with the the girl she wasn’t there. Jamie called her brother and asked if it was too late to go with them. Daniel convinced them to come back for us even though there wasn’t enough room in the car. I had to sit on Jamie’s lap and I was squishing Daniel the whole way there. A big group of us hung out there for about an hour and had a great time.

For the rest of the week we spent every possible moment together. We snuck into the hot tub late at night, he bought me food and ice cream, we sat by each other for all of the lectures, and had a lot of fun. The day everyone was going home my friends and I had decided to go to the beach first. I convinced him and his friends to come with us. We had discovered during one of our many conversations that week that we only lived an hour away from each other. As our time at the beach was coming to an end he told me one of his friends lived in the same city as me and he asked if I would want to hang out when he went to go visit him. The day after we got back he came to visit me. It was the first of many visits and he eventually moved right around the corner from me.

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how they asked

Our friends, Hannah and Jaron, are wedding photographers. They were going to do a shoot in Flagstaff and asked Daniel and me to model for them. We agreed, of course, and didn’t hear much else about it until the week before the shoot.

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Daniel and I had had been talking about getting married and starting our lives together. We were planning on moving to a different state and were looking into places to live. The date we were wanting to move was quickly approaching and I started freaking out. I told Daniel that if this was what he wanted he needed to pop the question soon because I couldn’t go start a life with him if we weren’t married first. He replied, “Baby T, stop freaking out. I know when and where I am going to ask you. It wasn’t my idea but I have a plan.” He had hung out with Jaron and Hannah a couple days before so I asked, “You’re going to ask me at the shoot aren’t you?” The face he made when he said no shoved that thought out of my head. He assured me again that I didn’t have anything to worry about and said that he was just waiting for us to have the same day off of work.

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The day of the shoot came and we went to Jaron and Hannah’s to get ready. From there we followed them up to Flagstaff. On the way up Daniel got a couple texts and after he responded I grabbed his phone to put it where he normally keeps it. He quickly took it from me and said he didn’t need it there. I was a bit offended but I didn’t think anything else of it. We arrived at the location of the shoot and the other girl and I changed in the back of our cars. As I exited the car I realized I was going to be freezing in the strapless dress. We went into the forest and Jaron started photographing Daniel and I while Hannah did the other couple. After plenty of pictures Hannah asked for the ring I had been wearing to get a shot of it hanging on a tree branch. Immediately after, they put Daniel and I back to back to get some more shots.

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I thought to myself why would she take the ring if they weren’t done? They then told us to take a couple steps apart. I complied but I thought it was an odd photo. Hannah then told me to turn around.

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Daniel was on one knee on the slightly snowy ground holding out a little velvet box with a ring in it. I looked around confused. “Wanna get married?” he asked, kneeling there shaking. “Are you serious? Is this part of the shoot?” I asked, still not believing what was happening. Even though they told me it wasn’t, I asked two or three more times. Finally Hannah said, “well answer him!” As the joy spread through me I responded, “Yes. Yes!”

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