Tiffany and Daniel

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How We Met

Dan and I met a few years ago when my best friend invited me to stop by her work happy hour. I had just moved back home, and Dan and I were both seeing other people at the time, so other than a quick conversation about music, we each went our separate ways and thought nothing of it. Then about a year later, I was at the beach with the same friend, and this time Dan and I were both single. She reminded me of her “cute coworker” that I’d talked to and said he had been asking about me. Little did I know, she had also told him that I had been asking about him. She invited us both back to another happy hour, making us both think the other was interested in going on a date. It wasn’t until 3 months into dating that we realized she had played us both! Thankfully, it worked in our favor.

how they asked

Dan and I recently moved in together and have been exploring the area. On the Fourth of July we hiked to one of the local sunflower fields. I was snapping photos of the flowers, then turned around and he was down on one knee. I thought he was tired from the hike and tried to give him water! Then, when he asked if I would marry him, I was completely caught off guard. I asked, “Wait, is this real?!” and then couldn’t stop whispering yes. The field where he asked was secluded and we had been rained on (!) along the way, but the walk back was perfect for letting the excitement settle in. When we got to the car we called our parents, then went home to clean up and meet our friends who were arriving in town. Later, we drove to another field that is much closer to the parking lot to show our friends the flowers and they sweetly offered to snap a few photos of us.

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