Tiffany and Chris

Tiffany's Proposal in The Bronx Zoo

How We Met

We swiped right on Tinder! Online dating does work…

It was a busy week so I (Tiffany) could not meet him until a few days later. Chris lives in the Bronx and is a firefighter in Harlem. I live in Queens and work in Midtown. So the only time we were able to meet was at the Lowery in Sunnyside at 10 pm on a Thursday night. Chris happened to be in Queens that night for a football fantasy league draft (he’s big in sports and drafts, hoping this football season can help pay for the wedding!). I rushed into the Lowery after a long day of work and meetings. All distraught with my hair up and a messy face, I find Chris waiting at the bar. All I saw was the cutest face and dimples (yes! dimples). But then he uttered somewhere along this line… “you can go ahead and change your last name to Dawkins now”… Wait! What?! It hasn’t even been 5 minutes yet! I’m going to believe he only used that line on me (ha!). The date lasted no more than 2 hours. But I gave this kid a chance…

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Bronx Zoo

My faith and belief are a big part of my life and after a few months in, we find ourselves meeting each other’s family and friends and going to church together. BIG WIN! So from then on, I decided this guy is a keeper….

Proposal Ideas The Bronx Zoo

How They Asked

Let’s just say it was supposed to be “Mayra’s Surprise Birthday Party”. (Side note – Mayra’s birthday is in November and he proposed in August. Good thing I am bad with birthdays and I didn’t text her happy birthday!)

Where to Propose in The Bronx Zoo

It’s August 16th at about 8:30 pm. We are walking down Southern Boulevard along the side of the Bronx Zoo going to “Mayra’s Birthday Party”. Me not knowing where the party was I just followed Chris. As we get close to the corner of Southern Boulevard and Fordham Avenue, he took a tie from his back pocket and blindfolded me! And at that point, I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for. I really had no clue until he blindfolded me.

(He’s such a hopeless romantic, so every time we did something or went somewhere I always thought “this could be the moment” – I was always wrong and spent a lot of money on my nails. And I am such a dreamer so I make all these stories in my head. So did I think that maybe he would surprise me that day – of course, I did!. But he said he went to work that day. And that totally changed my mind. He lied, he was prepping for the proposal the whole day.)

Back to the story – After he blindfolded me, we walked a good 5 minutes. We swore the Citizens app would have had a notification saying “Man dragging woman blindfolded down Southern Boulevard/Fordham Avenue”. After a long walk, we stopped. He takes off the tie, and there in front of my favorite gates at the Bronx Zoo in big lighted letters “Marry Me” decorated with big boxes, candles, and a few pictures of us. (We are members of the Bronx Zoo but our membership is about to expire this September. Need to renew, ha!) He got down on one knee and asked: “How’d you like it if both of our names had Dawkins in the end?” Yup, you guessed it Tamia and Fabolous’ song, “Into you”. I don’t think I said yes but I nodded my head yes and sobbed!

After I nodded yes, there was a big cheer coming from behind us. He got our family and closest friends together. We could’ve just had a wedding then and there! There were at least 50 people!! Everything happened so fast. I wish I could relive it again! He planned it all out so perfectly. And the ring… well let’s just say it’s everything I’ve dreamed of.

Just had to capture how overwhelmed I was :)

I think it took a while for him to get my lipstick off!

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