Tiffany and Brian

Image 1 of Tiffany and Brian

Where to begin, Brian Proposing was the second most amazing day of my life the first was meeting him. Popping the question where he asked me to be his girlfriend just puts the cherry on the cake. (He asked me to be his girlfriend at The Boat House in Central Park and later on we found this large rock that lead onto the lake where we sat and just gazed at the clear blue sky for hours.

On his 30th birthday Brian took me back to the rock and got down on one knee in front of all the people that were surrounding the lake and asked me to Marry Him!!! Later on we had dinner at The boat house) Words cannot even express the emotions of joy. You’re my rock, my best friend, the love of my life the most amazing person with a heart of pure gold, the one who understands and never judges.

Love, Ours is true love because I love all your weird habits and you love mine. Ours is a true love because the most beautiful words are spoken between us are when there is silence. Ours is true love because we don’t love each other for who we can be – but for who we are. Every long lost dream led me to where you are.

Image 2 of Tiffany and Brian