Tiffany and Brendon

how we met

Brendon and Tiffany started working at the same company in the summer 2017. They started a few months apart in the same broader team. Once, during the first few weeks, Brendon and Tiffany almost ran into each other in the hallway. Tiffany was holding tea and water and almost spilled it over Brendon’s suit. Tiffany moved to the same office as Brendon and they sat next to each other.

how they asked

Four weeks after they started dating, Brendon proposed to Tiffany at Bear Mountain in the Hudson Valley. During Christmas Eve, Brendon took Tiffany to a special spot on top of a mountain in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley is special to Brendon because he always rides his motorcycle there and the Hudson Valley is special to Tiffany because she loves to hike at the local mountains.

Special Thanks