Tiffany and Bray

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How We Met

It was a Saturday night, October 26, 2013, to be exact, the weekend before Halloween at Texas Tech University. I was being lazy that night and one of my oldest friends, Ashley Booher, was begging one of my closest friends, Lindsay Pittman, and I to go out with her. We finally caved in (wasn’t that hard of a decision we were 22 and in college) and decided to go out to Broadway, the street with all the bars across from Tech. We went to Mesquites to get some drinks. It was crowded and us three girls were looking for a table. We finally spotted a table that had a few seats open. There were some guys sitting at this table that didn’t mind sharing. PAUSE – don’t get excited, Bray is not one of these guys, thank goodness! We sit down, make the normal small talk, and order some drinks. I was sitting on a stool towards the end of the table and there was an empty stool to my right at the end. The guy to my left was hitting on me in a non-endearing way.

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I was somewhat facing the guy to my left when I feel someone sit down on the empty stool. After the guy to my left started to get creepier I turned around and put my feet on the stool to my right. This guy turns to me and I immediately notice a good looking guy who gave me a big, but confused smile…a “why are your feet on my seat smile.” I said something along the lines of pretend you know me and talk to me, that guy is freaking me out. This guy (who we now know as Bray) was so kind that he put up with my awkwardness and carried on a rather normal conversation with me. Bray then asked, in his very southern voice, “Have you ever had a pickle shot??” I said, “No but I love pickle juice!!” He handed me his debit card (maybe not the smartest move after just meeting someone) and said, “Go buy us a couple!” Some people would think that’s odd that he didn’t do the typical “can I buy you a drink” thing and actually had me go get them, but hey he still paid ;-) Ashley and I went up to the bar and returned with 3 pickle shots. Lindsay had already decided to go home at this point, so she missed out on the deliciousness of a pickle shot!

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We made our way, with Bray, over to his friend’s and hung out with them for the rest of the night. We eventually moved on to Crickets as a group and played shuffleboard. Bray was a true gentleman and didn’t try to pull any fast moves. That’s not to say he didn’t lean in close every now and then with that big smile. The night felt comfortable. What I mean by that is I knew that something was special about Bray. I was comfortable talking with him and felt as if he wasn’t like all the other guys at the bar. I was comfortable with his group of friends and felt like I really fit in with them. It was a good feeling to go home with. Bray asked for my number and even made sure that Ashley and I made it home safe by asking his friend’s girlfriend to drive us home. After a few too many pickle shots I called my best friend Kerby Purser to tell her “I just met my husband tonight,” I left her a pretty funny voicemail that night. We still find it hilarious that I actually said that and here we are now.

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I will be honest; I didn’t expect to hear from him right away. But the next day he texts and asked if I wanted to go to the movies. Back to the comfortable feeling, I wore a hoodie and blue jeans on our “first date” that’s how comfortable I immediately felt with Bray. I didn’t feel the pressure or need to dress up to impress him….and the rest is history!

how they asked

Fast-forward three and a half years and we are both graduated from Texas Tech University (GUNS UP!) and working and living in Austin, TX. Austin was a short-lived period in our lives. We were not fans of the “big city” feel and were ready to settle down. Around February 2017, Bray got it in his head that he wanted to purchase a house in Amarillo, TX. This is close to the town Bray is from and I enjoyed Lubbock so figured Amarillo wouldn’t be much different. But I told him that was a big deal and that I did not feel comfortable putting my name on a mortgage if we were not married. Little did I know he had other plans going. Bray had already been designing a ring with the help of my Mom and Dad and Bray had already asked my dad’s permission to marry me. Bray being Bray though, my ring had to be custom, something really special. And it IS! Bray had been working with a jeweler for a few months who has been making jewelry for his family for many years. So the ring took some time to get finished. Fast-forward again to May 25, 2017. We had purchased a beautiful home with a beautiful back patio. We had just officially moved in and I spent the day unpacking while Bray was at work. That evening, Bray told me to be ready for dinner because he was taking me out to celebrate HIM buying a house! We went to a fancy restaurant and had a fantastic dinner. Then we drove home like normal. We come inside and I start to say I’ll let the dogs out to the potty when Bray intervenes and says he will let them out. I don’t think anything of it.

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I sit down on the couch and moments later the doorbell rings. Mind you we just moved in and it’s almost 9:00 pm, who would be ringing our doorbell at this time?? I go to the door fling it open, my dogs run out barking (Bray had not let them out yet) and I’m yelling at them to come back. Then I see a small package on the doorstep. Bray comes over and tells me to go sit down and open the package cause he ordered some stuff for the house. I sit down on the couch and start to open the cardboard box, doorbell rings again…I’m thinking that’s weird?? Bray says maybe the delivery guy forgot something and goes to get the second package. I proceed to open the first package.

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Bray sits down and the doorbell rings a THIRD time, at this point, I’m annoyed because my dogs are barking like crazy and what kind of delivery man forgets to bring all three packages at once?? So, Bray gets the third package and we sit down. I open the first package and it’s a cute key holder in the shape of a black schnauzer, my dog that I’m slightly obsessed with. I open the second package and it’s a hand molding kit. I had apparently mentioned to Bray at some point that would be neat for a married couple to do holding hands with their rings on. I then, of course, say well we can’t use this cause we aren’t married?! Bray gets up and is carrying the third package, this package is a large square. He goes to the bedroom and puts it on the bed and tells me to open it in here because there’s better light. I start opening the package and Bray says he’s going to let the dogs out to potty. I remember saying, “don’t you want to watch me open this” and being sad when Bray’s like “Nah.”

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Bray leaves and I open the third package and it’s a weird shape of wood that is cut out into some letters. It looked weird because I didn’t realize it was upside down and flipped over to the backside. I start carrying it out to the back patio where Bray and the dogs are. When I open the door Bray is down on one knee and I am in total shock! The entire back patio and pergola are decorated and a “Will You Marry Me” banner is hanging. I don’t even realize at the time but I am being photographed and videoed. It was such an emotional moment that I will never forget. After Bray says a few sweet words followed by will you marry me, I begin to cry and am overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I finally figure out that the wood letters are TMG, my new initials. Tiffany Marie Goodheart…has a pretty good ring to it!

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