Tiffany and Ashton

How We Met: When I was younger, my father got my brother and I into racing motocross. It literally consumed my life, practice during the week and race during the weekend. I knew I would never end up with someone who wasn’t in the industry. With that being said, I met my soon to be fiance (the first time) at an industry super cross after party in Atlanta, Georgia in February.

Image 1 of Tiffany and Ashton

He was traveling the country and I was living in Saint Louis, Missouri at the time. He was filming the party and I found it funny to steal his microphone and play around with it! My friends and I had a blast, but unfortunately we did not talk after that evening and it was not until June when he saw me again. I was working as a brand ambassador for Toyota at an outdoor motocross race when he walked by me, filming yet again.

Image 2 of Tiffany and Ashton

I guess this time it stuck because he contacted me shortly after and it wasn’t until the beginning of August when we had our first date at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National (motocross, of course ;)). We spent the next year traveling, visiting different tracks and finally moving to Atlanta, Georgia where we met!

how they asked: Ashton swears to this day that I should have seen my proposal coming, but he really completely surprised me. It’s a blessing to have a man that surprises you all the time, so when your proposal is about to happen, you don’t even expect it!

I was working two jobs in Saint Louis, MO and a full-time student so getting me anywhere to surprise me was a challenge. Ashton showed up at my internship dressed up with flowers, while I was sitting in my cubicle completely shocked. *Side note, Valentine’s Day was coming up so I thought he was just hand delivering me flowers* He proceeded to tell me that my suitcase was packed and to come with him that he had a surprise for me.

Image 3 of Tiffany and Ashton

I had an exam that evening that I had been studying for, so I was completely in denial that I was going anywhere. My boss encouraged me to leave and Ashton told me my exam was rescheduled for next week. Five hours later, we were in one of the penthouse rooms of the Trump Hotel in Chicago taking in all the views of the frozen city.

Image 4 of Tiffany and Ashton

Luckily Ashton wasn’t too bad at picking out clothes for me ;). He said we had dinner reservations and we headed out into the brutal Chicago weather and made it to Benny’s Chop House. Our booth was very secluded and it seemed like no one was anywhere near us. Towards the end of dinner, Ashton pulled out a very large box, got down on one knee and the video started playing.

My fiance loves to film everything and anything. He had filmed the majority of our vacations, fun in the winter snow in Saint Louis, us by a sunset in the Bahamas and had proceeded to turn it into an amazing video asking me to marry him. Of course I said yes because there is no one else I’d rather share my life and travel the world with.

Photos by: Deegan Marie