Tiffany and Andrew

How we met: In the summer of 2010, a mutual friend organized a weekend camping trip in the Sierra Nevadas. That friday afternoon, my friends and I arrived to the site first. Around the time we were setting up our tent, Andrew and his friend were driving aimlessly through the mountains.

Many hours and gallons of gasoline later, he noticed a few strangers flagging down his car. The strangers were two of my close friends — Erin and Natalie. We had all wondered why some of the campers we were expecting were missing and where they could be! Finally, Andrew parked the car, made his way to the campsite, and we met. I’m happy to report he isn’t lost anymore.
how they asked: Although we had a dinner date planned for that evening, Saturdays in September for Andrew are almost always devoted entirely to watching football. Especially since his beloved Buckeyes were playing that day, I was shocked when he suggested we take some time to go watch the sunset before going to dinner.

Excitedly, we bundled up and headed down to the Sutro Heights Park overlooking Ocean Beach in San Francisco. We cuddled up on a bench, laughed, and waited for the sun to go down. As the sun was setting, Andrew asked me to stand up, he told me he loved me, and got down on one knee. After that, I think I blacked out!

Photos by  Jessica Rowland