Tiffany and Alex

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how we met

From Alex: We met at a house warming party of a mutual friend. I almost skipped the event and learned later that Tiffany decided to attend on a whim as well. We met, but did not talk much until a couple of months later. I got her number from our mutual friend but I happened to be traveling overseas at the time. We communicated via text and a couple of calls (not too long the international rates are killer). About two weeks had passed, and we planned our first date when I arrived back in the states. We went out for Thai food, I overdressed, and we really hit it off talking and laughing for the entire evening. And the rest is history!

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From Tiffany: Alex actually met me about 9 months before our “official” meeting. I was at a college friends housewarming and we were introduced (but I don’t remember anything from that day!) 9 months later, I have a close college friend who worked at Merck with Alex, and she said she wanted to introduce us. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

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how they asked

From Alex: I completely surprised her! Which is a huge feat as she is quite attentive and almost impossible to surprise. Nevertheless, I decided to distract her with planning my 30th birthday party. The stress of the party was taking its toll on her and I told her since she was doing such a great job I wanted to treat her to a date night. We went to the Nasher museum on Duke’s campus for dinner and to take in an exhibit. I found an exhibit that was pretty serene and decided it was the perfect time to pop the question. And thankfully she said yes (but you knew that).

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From Tiffany: Alex had a 30th birthday coming up, and he wanted me to help plan it for his family and close friends to attend. I am also an accountant, so this was around month end time as well as Easter. It was very stressful for me (and he planned it to be that way), and i was so happy to finally have all the plans in place. On April 2nd, 2015, he made plans for us to visit Nasser Museum, on Duke University’s campus for dinner and to walk around the art exhibit. He said he wanted me to dress up a little, and i was skeptical about his plans but then i thought okay maybe he wants to go dancing afterwards. So we eat, and are walking around at the exhibits, and unbeknownst to me, he was scoping out place to propose. We finally see a video exhibit with dancing flowers and he takes me in there and we just sit down on the couches and talk about the future for a bit. Next, we stand to leave and he gets down on one knee to propose. I was absolutely surprised about the whole thing! (It’s almost impossible to surprise me!) I said yes!!

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