Tiffany and A/J

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How We Met

A/J and I met at an old speakeasy in Los Angeles, CA. He sat next to me and said “I think this is about you” while handing me a fortune from a fortune cookie. The fortune read, “You will meet an important person in your life tonight”. I laughed and said “I think you carry that around” but with an innocent face he just replied, “no, I ate Chinese food today”. We exchanged information and kept in contact after that.

About a week later I told my brother about how I was talking to this guy (A/J), he quickly interrupted me to say that he met a guy that he thought I’d like, but he didn’t get his name. However, he got a photo of him and his phone number. He pulled up the photo and it was A/J!! It turned out that A/J met my brother and me separately on the same night.

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How They Asked

A/J said he got us tickets to go to a fancy drive-thru dinner event. He told me to dress up and be ready by 6:30 pm. As it got closer to 6:30 pm, he texts me to say that he was running behind as he was working in a writing session, but a car was being sent for me & he would meet me at the event. A classic white Rolls-Royce pulled up complete with a red carpet. I just thought, “wow! this must be a very fancy event!” I hopped in and we set out to what I thought was the “drive-thru dinner event”.

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When I arrived, I saw my brother standing outside..he opened the car door and said, “There’s this guy I’d think you’d like”.. I look down and see thousands of fortune cookies leading the way to A/J. There was a string quartet playing David Bowie and rose petals everywhere. He rented out the entire building that we met, had close to 4,000 fortune cookies (1 for every day we’ve been together), and proposed to me in the very same spot that we met.

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Special Thanks

Cameron Jordan
 | Photographer
Watson Borland Jr
 | Brother