Tiffannie and Michael

How We Met

Mike and I met on Christmas day 2007. We were both at a family gathering, from the moment we met until it was time to go home, we were inseparable. On our first date a week later, Mike planned the perfect night. He picked me up and the whole plan after that was a surprise. First, we went on a rock climbing adventure followed by delicious sushi and cheesecake. Then we had an evening walk in the park. When he dropped me off it looked like he was leaning in for a kiss, little did I know I was about to end up in a near by snow bank. We couldn’t stop laughing lying there, and that’s when he kissed me! Hollywood couldn’t have done it better!

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how they asked

Nearly 8 years after our perfect first date, I was headed to a girls vacation with Mike’s Mom (and her man, Bob) and 2 sisters (or so I thought). After his mother picked me up from the airport in Phoenix, she treated me to a manicure. The next night we waited for his sisters and Bob to arrive from the airport.

When Bob came in the door, he was carrying a beautiful bouquet with a note addressed to me from Mike saying that he was sorry he couldn’t be here with me, but he hoped I was having a blast. Also, he had asked Bob to pick me up a surprise at the airport waiting for me in the backyard.

I walked out to the backyard, and standing there was Mike!! After a wonderful hug, he pulled me into the middle of the backyard. I could feel his heart racing in his chest and I started to realise what was happening.

He started out by saying, “after almost 8 years, we have exhausted every topic. I have just one last thing to ask you; will you marry me?”

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