Tiffani and Thomas

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How We Met

Thomas and I met my junior year of high school. I played volleyball throughout high school and Thomas played baseball and basketball. Typically, the fans at volleyball games consisted of parents and siblings, sometimes grandparents…if we were lucky. However, this season was much different. Early in the season, basketball workouts were after school during volleyball practices and games. All of the sudden, we began to have a student section full of basketball players at the games (including Thomas). This is where our story begins. Not long after, Thomas and I were introduced through mutual friends.

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We began shyly talking to one another in the hallway, and even meeting up at a couple of football games. It didn’t take long for Thomas to warm up, however, several weeks later he was throwing his lunch trash over my head and into the trash can. I guess this was his way of trying to grab my attention, and apparently it worked! A couple of weeks later, Thomas and I went on our first “date”. This was a group date at a haunted trail. If you ask Thomas, he’ll tell you that I said 10 words the entire trip. I don’t remember it like that, though. This was a fun date, even though I had my eyes closed most of the way through! Something must have gone right on that date, because the next day, October 2, 2011, Thomas asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

Thomas and I were at Kiawah Island for the week with his family. Prior to the trip, we planned to have a date night at The Ryder Cup Grill at The Ocean Course, so Wednesday was of course an exciting day (little did I know). Our day began as it always does at Kiawah, an early morning bike ride. This morning bike ride was a little different than typical. We found a trail we had never been on before, and we were excited because the ride was so beautiful and peaceful. Later that afternoon, after spending most of the day at the beach, we took yet another bike ride. Looking back on it now, I should have seen it coming, because this is very out of ordinary and Thomas was very anxious. We rode almost halfway across the island! That evening we had dinner at the house with Thomas’ family. After eating, we sat around and talked with the family for about an hour. Thomas was abnormally quiet during this time. He was, however, continually encouraging me to hurry up and get ready for our date at The Ryder Cup Grill. After I was finally ready, we headed to The Ocean Course for some drinks.

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If you have ever been to The Ocean Course, you know just how beautiful it is sitting on the porch looking at the ocean and watching the sunset. This is what we had planned for the evening. Once we got our drinks and were finally relaxing on the porch, I asked Thomas if there was a way to get to the beach from where we were. He said, “Yeah! Let’s go check it out.” Only, Thomas wasn’t leading me to the beach and he was actually leading me the opposite way from the beach. At this time, I knew something was up his sleeve, and I kept saying, “Thomas, this is not the way to the beach! What’s going on?” Thomas lead us to an area near the 18th hole, which has a beautiful view of the beach. This is where Thomas asked me to marry him.

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Thomas told me that he loved me very much and that I mean the world to him. He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Afterwards, he told me to look back and there was his brother, Jonathan, and his girlfriend Erin, who had captured the entire moment. Thomas then asked me if I knew who’s diamond it was and proceeded to tell me that it is my mother’s diamond. This was the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me. I am so incredibly blessed to have Thomas in my life and I am so excited to become his wife.

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