Tiffani and Shawnkel

How We Met

We met at the ending of high school right before we graduated in 2015. I met him through a friend of mine and then we first met at a little party. After that we starting hanging out and finally started dating on May 22,2015 and we graduated high school on May 29, 2015. We spent the summer together before he left for basic training in JULY. We only dated for two months before he left. ever since then our relationship was long distance. we wrote letters to each other while he was at basic training and then I finally we got to see each other in September for only two days before he was off to ait and back to the long distance relationship.

how they asked

Since our relationship is long distance when he finally got to his duty station he would fly me out to Tennessee so I could spend some time together. then one day I was flying out to Tennessee like normal and then I was caught completely off guard by my now husband he was in his army uniform and surprised me an asked me to marry him. best of my life.


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