Tiffani and Curtis


How We Met

Curtis and I actually “dated” in middle school (If you can call it dating then ). It was our sixth grade year in Mr. Taylor’s class at Riverdale High School where it all started. Curtis had asked me to our valentines dance and I of course said yes. We danced and had fun like any sixth grader would. School finished summer came and went and of course at that age you don’t really go over to each other’s houses so we went our own way.


Seventh grade came around and we got close again (“dated”) seen each other a little bit over that summer break (at the fair and birthday parties). School was back in session but we figured we would just stay friends. Eighth grade came and went and so did ninth.


During the summer between our freshman and sophomore year we got back in touch and started getting to know each other again. Ever since that August 2nd 2010 day we have been together (even over the summers)

how they asked

It was Easter morning and I was getting dressed for church in the bathroom. I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to wear to service and Curtis insisted I wear what I had on which is never him. He never cares what I wear and that morning he was acting strange. First by telling me to wear the one particular outfit and two as I was getting ready he walked up to me and said “‘man these pants really need to stretch out a little more” as he is bringing his knees up and down to his chest. We each first go through my moms basket she stopped by the night before for both of us. I go to get up and ready to leave so we aren’t late for church and he’s like “wait sit back down you have one more basket” he tells me very specifically to start with this one egg and make my way around(they are in a circle with one larger egg in the middle). Well I open the first one and it’s our first picture together at the valentines dance. Each egg went in chronological order up to the most recent.

Where to Propose in Living room in my Easter basket

The larger egg in the center had a note he had written. Long story short saying “it’s been an adventurous six years so what do you say to a new adventure” as he gets down on one knee. He pulls out one of those egg/circular shaped clear plastic things you get from a quarter machine that had either slimey/sticky hands or stupid plastic rings, things of that sort. (If anyone remembers those…they’re seem more at dollar stores or bowling ally’s). And there was the ring.


Our entire relationship he has always joked he was going to get my ring from a quarter machine so he had to make sure he proposed to me with a quarter machine cup thingy…whatever they’re called. And that’s our story!