Tiff and Meeko

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How We Met

We met in college. We were batchmates so we had some common classes. He told me that he first saw me during a Saturday Judo tournament we had to attend for our PE class when we were freshmen. But it was only when we were in 3rd year that we started becoming classmates. We had a common friend who led the way to become group mates for a speech class and that’s when it started. Yahoo Messenger and Friendster were the in-thing then. Before I knew it we were already always chatting and texting. Then I got dengue fever and he asked if he could visit me in the hospital. We weren’t going out yet then, just constantly messaging each other. But I allowed him to visit me and the rest, as they say, is history. We went to law school together, and now more than 10 years later, we’ve known each other a third of our lives and I think our relationship is stronger than ever.

How They Asked

One Saturday afternoon, I had a random inkling that he was proposing soon. After all, we’ve been together for more than 10 years already and I’ve been in that ‘i-wanna-get-married-already’ phase for quite some time already. I kept the suspicion to myself because I thought ‘zero expectation, zero disappointment.’ And then my dad randomly messages me the Monday after that Meeko dropped by the house looking for him, sadly he was out on errands. MEEKO NEVER DROPS BY MY HOUSE TO LOOK FOR MY DAD WITHOUT INFORMING ME BEFOREHAND. I literally felt butterflies in my tummy at that exact moment. I thought oh my god. OH MY GOD. HE WAS GOING TO ASK FOR MY DAD’S PERMISSION. I told my two best friends about my suspicion but also discouraged myself afterward because I thought maybe I was just overthinking things.

Fast forward to Thursday and I went home after work feeling really exhausted and sickly. So I went straight to bed and slept the night away; told Meeko that I might not go to work the next day and just rest and call the week early. But of course, knowing myself, I went to work on Friday. His mom had a planned dinner party for her promotion at work that evening so she texted the invite weeks ago with the dress code—I would have otherwise worn a shirt and jeans like my usual Friday attire. I badly needed a haircut as well but was too lazy to get one. Although I did think about it over lunch that Friday, my ass was too lazy that day to do so during my lunch break, AND BOY WOULD I REGRET IT.

Early in the afternoon, his mom texted to ask what time Meeko would pick me up. Oops, red flag! She would never be asked that before—but again since I didn’t want to get my hopes up, I figured maybe she was just getting a headcount for when people would start arriving at her party. I was planned to ride with Meeko’s sister who had an internship at the same place I worked at. You see, when Meeko scheduled that I was riding with her, it was already scheduled a week earlier, which was unusual for Meeko because he is not a planner. He would normally tell me to let’s just think about it the day before. So again my suspicions were on high alert but I tried as much as possible to keep myself grounded.

So it was already the end of the workday and I rode with his sister to the dinner party venue. On the way, she said we were going to pass by a hospital to visit a family friend, Shirley, who was confined for dengue fever. A part of me thought dengue is a serious illness to joke about so it must be true and another part of me was uneasily thinking omg is this a part of some elaborate plan. Traffic was terrible — of course, it was a Friday. So I slept in the car. Before I knew it we were already near the hospital and to my surprise, it was the same hospital I was also confined in about 10 years ago, also for dengue fever.

With my hair a mess, I stepped down the car and we rode the elevator. I was a bit surprised that we hopped off the 2nd floor and saw “DELIVERY ROOM” —again, a red flag. Were we on the wrong floor? Was this part of the plan? Or maybe this was the only floor that had an available room?

We entered Shirley’s room. Meeko’s parents and siblings were there, as expected since they said they were waiting for us, and Shirley was on the bed with her IV, the works. I saw sunflowers by the bedside, my favorite flowers, but then thought maybe it was also Shirley’s favorite flower? Shirley greeted Meeko’s sister and asked who was with her. So I said hi and we had a little chat. A knock on the door and I thought that’s probably just the doctors and nurses doing their rounds.

Proposal Ideas Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Greenhills West, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippies,

And then “So Close” (yes from the movie Enchanted) played. And “I KNEW IT” was on my mind. I looked to my back and there he was with flowers— lilies, the same flower he brought some 11 years ago when he first visited me when I had dengue fever in the very same hospital, that started it all. And now I know it was just a matter of minutes if not seconds that he’d be proposing. I wanted to curl into a ball and hide and tell him to stop and just blurt out “YES, I’ll marry you” before he even said anything because at that moment, no matter how badly I’ve wanted this to happen for so long, I also felt shy because other people were watching.

Meeko gave his speech and he said that although proposals are normally for the girl, he wanted the proposal to be about us. And it was very much about us. I appreciated all the details he thought of and was pleasantly surprised that after he got down on his knee, I saw my whole family (yes even my brother who lived abroad was on facetime) was also there. The dinner party turned out to be a dinner celebration of our families for the engagement. Although it’s already been a little over a month since the proposal, sometimes it still feels surreal that I have this shiny rock on my ring finger and I’m engaged to be married to him! I can’t wait to be married to him!

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