Tifanie and Alex

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How We Met

It all started one night while hanging out with my roommate Lauren. She had mentioned that a guy friend she went to college with had told a friend of ours that he thought I was “cute” and wanted to know more about me…I told her I wasn’t interested, brushed it off and thought nothing of it.. Fast forward about two weeks later and Lauren and I are in our office room, drinking some wine, listening to music, and each working on our own stuff at our desks for the night.. when she gets a call from Alex (the guy who thought i was “cute”) She of course puts him on speaker, and he begins rambling on and on… If anyone knows Alex.. he can talk your ear off. As I was listening to him talk I noticed myself smiling and randomly laughing at his awkward jokes.. He was about to get off the phone and made sure to end with “Oh yeah, so when do I get to meet your roommate, she’s a beauty” Lauren and I both looked at each other and began laughing.. there was a little pause and I awkwardly said “Hi..Well thanks..?” He then realized he was on speaker phone.. Well needless to say the night when on and he so luckily got my phone number .. I agreed to a date that next weekend and he proceeded to “woo” me with his skills of being a tennis pro and our many similar interests. Alex is a high school teacher and I teach Elementary.. so we instantly had a love for children in common. We quickly found our similar loves for many other things like; concerts, craft beer, being adventurous, donuts, steak dinners, puppies, traveling, and much more. The rest.. is history..IMG_9627

how they asked

Alex’s mom had asked me a few months prior to our engagement if I would mind doing a photo shoot with her friend who is a new photographer and trying to boost his portfolio… I of course being a lover of photos had no problem agreeing…. A few months pass and the time gets closer to our appointment with the photographer. That same weekend also fell on Alex’s dads birthday.. So he told me we were going to have a huge celebration for his dad that Saturday. Saturday came and Alex asked if I wanted to go grab a drink before our photo shoot… He also mentioned last minute that the photographer wanted it to be dark out when we came because he wanted to get some photos of us outside by a fire… I thought it was weird but tried not to question his thinking, since after all he is the “professional”. The night went on and it began to get dark, so we headed over to his house.. We first started inside and took a couple photos in his studio and then proceeded outside.. everything was very dark and I noticed a fireplace outside by the trees… The whole time I’m thinking “This is so weird, I hope this guy isn’t going to kill us”. He then sat us on a log that sat in front of the fireplace. He wanted to take a few photos together with the fire behind us…. after a few shots he then walked behind us and was rummaging around in the back.. I said to Alex “This is so weird”.. but Alex clearly did not think it was odd…now looking back, he was quite distracted. The photographer then came around to the front of us and said “Take it away Alex” …Huh? Take what away I said. Alex then clicked a button he had sitting next to him on the log, and all of these beautiful lights came on behind me, they were all draped from tree to tree and under them was a white table that had over a dozen red roses, champagne, and a little black box.

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He took my hand and walked me over to the table where he got on one knee. He told me how much he loved me, how he wanted to spend forever with me and asked if I would marry him. I of course said YES. We toasted to champagne as the photographer captured more photos of the moment, which I then realized was clearly the whole reason for this “odd” photoshoot. We then headed back to his parents house for what I thought was still his Dads birthday bash… turns out.. it was secretly a surprise engagement bash! Our friends and family were there waiting for us to celebrate. It was truly magical and such a special day. I cannot wait for our wedding day!

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