Tierra and Keenan

How We Met

So a year ago I downloaded the dating app Tinder with no expectations. Like most people I felt online dating was a hit or miss, trying it just to weight out all options of dating. Tinder it was nothing like what people told me about the app. I actually thought it was a great idea for an app and I wish I thought of it lol. So using the app I did a lot of “swiping left” and occasionally I would swipe right. I had a few message conversations and a couple phone conversations, to only meet up with one person. This situation didn’t really work out, but I didn’t give up on Tinder. About a month after that I swiped right with my now brand new fiancé. We messaged and talked on the phone for about a week before meeting on Christmas. We were both dating on purpose and agreed to work towards something more serious.

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how they asked

So I came over after work and she was taking a shower. I sat on the couch and watch a lil tv. I heard the shower stop running and after about 20 mins she never came out the room, so I decided to see what she was up to. I went into the room and didn’t see her. I called her name but no response. So I went into the bathroom and seen she was in the closet in the dark praying and crying. So I kneeled down and prayed with her. After we prayed I told her life would be ok and she shouldn’t worry. I pulled out the ring and still on my knees from praying I asked her to marry me. Now she didn’t have her glasses on but despite her crying and can’t see because her glasses were off the light from the bedroom made the diamond shine and she said oh my GOD! Is this real! I said yes, I love you and want to spend forever with you. Looking at the ring and sayin how big it was she said YES!!!

So there you go….

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