Tiera and Kenneth

How We Met

Kenny and I met in 2008 as freshmen at Hampton University. I always saw him around campus hanging out with a group of guys who had a reputation of being players, so I didn’t want anything to do with that. I knew a couple of the guys in that group from class, and Kenny claims that one of them told him about me and described me as “the young girl” because I started college at age 16 lol.

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It wasn’t until a few of my friends and his friends started hanging out that I got to know him. We flirted every once in a while, in fact, he tried to kiss me at a halloween costume party, but never wants to admit that happened. Between freshman and junior year we never pursued anything because we both ended up getting into other relationships, but we were friends and hung out in similar circles. We ended up reconnecting toward the end of our third year at Hampton when I saw him at a close friend’s birthday party. We hung out constantly and became exclusive on my 19th birthday after we had taken a short road trip to the beach. After college I moved to DC for grad school and he moved back to the area after obtaining his Masters and we’ve been building an incredible foundation on this journey ever since.

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how they asked

Since DC is his hometown, and i’m a transplant from Atlanta, our first date in the city was a trip to the National Mall. We walked around the entire mall and he willingly took all of my annoying touristy pictures. Fast-forward to three years later, one day he burst into the bathroom when I was in the shower with the urgent need to see if I was available the following Saturday for an after hours event at his job. He’s an architect so his company often does site visits and cool events for the employees and their families. I enjoy going to them so I told him yes.

After that, all of my questions pursued. I think I asked about 50 questions about the event and what people were wearing and the poor guy kept having to make up answers lol. That night, he made reservations at a steakhouse he wanted to try before the event started. We enjoyed dinner and ended up sitting next to one of the stars of one of my favorite reality tv shows. The guy was spilling all the details of the show’s upcoming reunion so we were eavesdropping for most of his conversation. After the dinner he said his coworkers were headed to the event and it was on the National Mall. I was like, “you didn’t tell me this was an outdoors event.” I was frustrated but I tried to hide it.

We ended up at the Washington monument and it was closed, so he told me that his coworkers had walked ahead to the Lincoln Memorial and we should meet them there. I was really annoyed at that point and kept complaining the entire walk about the distance to the Lincoln and my feet in the heels i had on. When we approached the Lincoln memorial I saw a guy setting up a camera and a tripod but I assumed he was taking tourists’ pictures or something. So we walked past him up the stairs and Kenny confessed that he made up the entire event with his co workers, he wanted to bring me to where we had our first date and he’s been reflecting on our five year relationship etc. Next thing I know, he gets on one knee and pulls out the ring. The photographer we passed ended up being his friend who captured everything beautifully. All the people visiting the memorial stopped to watch and applauded him and congratulated us. I was so surprised.

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