Tien and Mickey

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How We Met: Mickey and I met during my freshmen year of high school; we met through a mutual friend on a trip to Dave and Buster. He was a bit older so there was definitely no spark at first. We started to text and talk as friends and realized how much fun we have when we are together.

A month later after a beach trip with friends and a lot of phone calls, we realized we had feelings for one another. He asked me to be his girlfriend on August 17, 2008

how they asked: Mickey and I have been through ups and down, and definitely grown together during our 7 years of relationship. This year of 2015 however was a year that was definitely our down at first. Mickey got into an accident, and it was something that made me realized I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I think he found that out too, apparently. Lol. We definitely talked about marriage and kids, but I was too young and we still have a lot of growing and molding to do so it really wasn’t in my mind. This summer was quite stressful for me, and somehow he said, “Pick a place, I’ll take you there to get some stress out of your mind.”

I thought he was kidding, but he wasn’t. He knew how much I wanted to go to Hawaii, so that’s where we choose to go for a summer vacation. Our anniversary is August 17th and we really couldn’t celebrate it because we spent the entire day flying to Vegas then to Honolulu. On our second day in Oahu, we decided to go hiking to Waimea Falls at the North Shore. During our short hike, he somehow proceeds to make me mad over something petty. We got to the falls, swam in it, and were ready to go. I told him I wanted a picture on my phone, but he kept insisting on taking a picture with our GoPro on our tripod.

I didn’t know the reason then but I soon found out he had been recording us on it for a long time. He then walked to where I was standing and posed for a picture. 2 seconds later, I saw him on one knee promising a lifetime of love and asking to marry me after 7 years.

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I literally couldn’t believe it and kept asking him, “Are you serious?” instead of saying yes. Eventually I did say, YES! He gave me a beautiful rock on the rock platform we were standing on. There was a crowd cheering for us. Literally, best day of my life thus far!”

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