Tien and Jimmy

how we met

We met eleven years ago in a college-prep tutoring class while in high school. We didn’t talk much but a year after the class I coincidentally transferred to the same school Jimmy was attending. We flirted back and forth until we eventually started dating. The rest is, so they say, history.

how they asked

We got engaged on our first international trip together. After three connecting flights, a shuttle ride through the jungle and a taxi boat, we finally arrived at gorgeous Railay Beach, Thailand. The evening of our arrival, we enjoyed a beachfront dinner, acquainted ourselves with the island and did a little exploring, but retired to our villa to get some rest before our plans the next day. Jet lagged and excited for our first full day in Thailand, we woke up at dawn and walked along the beach before breakfast. It was low tide that morning, so we managed to make our way out and take in the breathtaking views. With the beach completely empty and the sun creeping over the rocks, that is where Jimmy decided to get down on one knee. He set the camera down on the sand about ten yards away from where we were standing, led me further out to where the water met the shore, took my hands and asked me to marry him.

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