Tien and Alex

Tien and Alex's Engagement in The Creative Chateau

How We Met

Alex and I met 7 years ago at a dinner party arranged by a mutual friend. In a room full of people, we were constantly drawn to each other. I remember we ended up squeezed together on an arm chair at the end of the night, hands intertwined, sharing everything about our lives with each other. It felt like we were the only two there. I was so impressed with the laidback way he told me about himself and how carefree he was. It made me feel so comfortable laying there in his arms. Time flew by that night, in a matters of hours, I felt like we knew each other for years. And now after 7 years together, I feel like the time hasn’t slowed any, but our love continues to grow.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Creative Chateau

How They Asked

He brought me to a newly renovated mini French-inspired mansion in the heart of Uptown Houston – known as the Creative Chateau. When we got there, he led me up the staircase to a beautiful display of flowers and candles. With our favorite love songs playing in the background, he asked me to dance and we fell into step like we’ve done a million times before. We reminisced about all the time that has passed, the memories that have been made, the way we have grown together, and the future we look forward to. As he so beautifully put:

“Since the beginning of our relationship, I just wanted to be with you and spend time together, but now, more than anything, I want to stay together and keep you by my side forever. So that’s why I want to ask you a question.. Tien, will you marry me?”

It was surreal, a dream come true. All my imaginations as a girl growing up about my future as a bride and wife has culminated in this moment and my amazing fiance delivered.

Special Thanks

Ashley Arden
 | Photographer