Tiaundra and Tony

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How We Met

We met in October 2014 in Indianapolis on a group date with a few close friends. We were actually on dates with other people! As soon as Tony saw me he knew that he was on a date with the wrong girl. A few months later my best friend and maid of honor (Sunny) and his best friend and groomsmen (Lee) encouraged us to date each other. We started dating August 1, 2015.

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how they asked

On March 1, 2017, Tony took me to Ocean Prime Seafood and Steakhouse in Indianapolis. He told me we were going to celebrate his salary raise. I didn’t think anything of it and was excited to go to my favorite seafood restaurant.

When we arrived to the restaurant we ordered appetizers, entrée and dessert. After eating our entrée, Tony began looking around the restaurant as if he was looking for someone. I thought this was very weird and asked him who he was looking for. He responded by saying that he was looking for the bathroom. He then proceeded to go to the bathroom. When he returned he looked very nervous and said “I need to tell you something.” Sort of confused, I responded by saying “What did you do in the bathroom?” He then laughed, got down on one knee and proposed.

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I was totally caught off guard and was not expecting a proposal. Everyone at the restaurant clapped and congratulated us. The week prior, Tony went to the restaurant and met with the owner, hostess, and waiter. He told them he was planning to propose and even picked out our table. The day he proposed, he didn’t go to the bathroom; he instead went looking for the hostess and waiter so they can take pictures and video of the proposal.

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I knew I wanted to propose to Tiaundra, but I needed to figure out the perfect location. Ocean Prime was an easy choice because Tiaundra never turns down seafood and it is her favorite seafood restaurant. I also wanted to get her mom’s blessing before I proposed. The week before I proposed I asked Tiaundra’s mom for her blessing and she was ecstatic. I told her mom that I already went to the restaurant and planned everything out with the staff. Tiaundra and her mom talk every day and I was worried her mom may accidentally give away the surprise due to her excitement, but her mom promised not to say a word and kept our secret.

On March 1, 2017, I took Tiaundra to Ocean Prime to celebrate my “salary raise.” As we walked into the restaurant Tiaundra did not notice the winks and smirks from the restaurant staff who knew I was there to propose to the love of my life. After we finished dinner I needed a reason to leave the table so I can ask the hostess and waiter to take pictures and video of the proposal. I told Tiaundra that I had to go to the bathroom, but I actually went to the main lobby to get the hostess and waiter.

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When I returned back to the table I could tell Tiaundra had no clue what was about to happen because when I said “I have to tell you something” she looked confused and responded “What did you do in the bathroom?!” I couldn’t help but laugh then I walked around the table and got down on one knee. It’s all pretty much a blur after that I just remember her nodding her head and saying yes as I put the ring on her finger. Everyone around us saw the proposal and started clapping. It was like we were in a movie which made the moment even more special.

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