Tiara and Seth

How We Met

I met my fiancé when I was 11 years old at a stay-away camp. I instantly had a crush on him and told my brother to tell him that I liked him….& of course he did but Seth at the time already had a little girlfriend ? so when the week of camp ended we parted ways and we honestly thought we’d never see each other again….but we were very very wrong. Years passed & when we were 15 we met again on coincidence through mutual friends. After that Random run -I’m at a book store Seth quickly went home that night & found me on Facebook and the rest became history. We dated off & on again for 8 years. Our teenagers years were rough with us going to different schools and living 40 minutes away from each other. We did break up a few times but we always found our way back to each other.

How They Asked

A couple of months ago he had asked to take me out for a special dinner for my birthday and I really didn’t think anything of it besides the fact I was glad he was planning ahead for my 25th birthday! He drove us 1.5 hours away to Baltimore Maryland and had a really incredible brunch cruising along the harbor. Seth was quiet and fidgety but I still wasn’t concerned about anything especially since there wasn’t a box in his pocket lol. He has asked me if I wanted to go look over the deck and I happily obliged. It was so peaceful just being there with him, watching the city skyline slowly disappear. He asked if I wanted a picture of us standing there & of course I did! So he asked a lady standing nearby if she could grab a couple of photos of us and then all of sudden he was on one knee proposing!!!!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dinner Cruise

I was in complete shock! I couldn’t stop sobbing and crying ?. He had also planned for his brothers to meet us when we got off the boat to help capture our engagement. We have so many incredible pictures from our special day! I met my fiancé when I was like 11, fell in love with him at 15 & SOON I GET TO BE HIS WIFE!!❤️❤️