Tiara and Scott

Tiara and Scott's Engagement in Pier Village - Long Branch, NJ

How We Met

I didn’t believe in fate until I met Scott Constantino.

Scott and I met through someone we both knew. This person showed Scott a picture of me and said “If you are interested, leave your number”. What kind of crazy person does that? :) Long story, and unimportant details, short, Scott left his number. When I received his number, it took me a while to contact him. I knew nothing about this guy other then “he has really nice arms and a nice butt”. Motivation enough to contact him? You sure bet! So I reached out to him via text message and waited HOURS for a response ( I later found out that he was “playing it cool”). Little did we know, that first conversation was about to change the rest of our lives…

We talked every single day for two months before meeting each other. We’d talk through text and snap chat, on top of hours of phone conversations. Weeks later, on March 1, 2014, we had our first date. Scott picked me up from my house, where, on top of meeting me for the first time, he was also meeting my father. The poor kid must’ve been dying on his way to my house. As for me, I had never felt more calm in my life. I felt like I was about to meet someone I’d known for years, and I was beyond excited.

For our first date, we went to a diner (my choice) and had pancakes. Neither one of us finished our meals, he because he was too nervous, and I because I didn’t want him to see my pig-like tendencies yet. After that, we went down to Pier Village in Long Branch and walked on the boardwalk. We held hands and walked up and down the boardwalk with our never ending conversations for quite some time. Not wanting the night to end, we went to a bar for a couple drinks which lead to our first kiss :) xoxo

After that night, Pier Village became a very important place in our relationship that we would visit often. However, at the time, I didn’t realize just how important it would be two and a half years later…

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how they asked

My 25th birthday might be my favorite one yet…

From the beginning of our relationship, Scott and I knew that we would be together forever. It wasn’t a puppy kind of love, it was ” I found my soul mate” kind of love. We talked about our future from the start. We discussed getting married, having children, buying a house, and everything else in between. About a year into the relationship I started pestering Scott about getting engaged. He kept assuring me it would happen but the moment had to be right. Another 6 months pass, and he asks me to go look at engagement rings with him. I felt like a child on Christmas! I couldn’t contain my smile as I tried on all different rings. I put the final one on and started to cry, we both knew I had found my ring. Scott assured me that he’d be back to get it soon.

It’s now 13 months later…Let me tell you about October 1, 2016!

At this point, I had stopped expecting it to happen. Holidays, vacations, plenty of momentous occasions had passed where I thought he’d be proposing. I had accepted the fact that I had no idea when he’d be doing it, which ultimately was for the best. October 1st was the start of my birthday weekend and only a couple days before this Scott had mentioned wanting to celebrate. He said he made reservations at a nice restaurant and that he wanted to get dressed up to really celebrate. Still thinking nothing of this dinner, I agreed with excitement!

The day arrives, and Scott gets ready early and says he has to go to the store, and that he’ll pick me up outside our apartment at 4:00. I felt that was pretty early, but wasn’t going to argue, as I love when he makes the plans for us! At 4 on the dot, he called me and I walked out the door to find him waiting with a beautiful bouquet of roses (my favorite)! We started on our way to a destination still unknown to me. As we got closer, I realized we were going back to where we had our first date, Pier Village. We arrived, got out of the car, and I realized Scott was acting kind of weird, a bit distant. I kept talking to him and he’d one-word answer me. I thought to myself “Ugh, how can he be in a mood right now” (I’m a jerk, I know).

We made our way down the boardwalk, only to find there was a wedding going on on the beach! We both walked over to watch, when Scott stopped under the gazebo and held my hands.

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He turned to face me and said, “You know I love you, right?”. I replied with a “Yes, I love you too”, and with that he dropped to one knee. To say I was in complete shock would be an understatement! He told me that he wanted to spend his life with me, he wanted me to be the mother of his children, and he wanted to grow old with me. He ended it with “Will you let me do that? Will you let me marry you?” Needless to say, we all know my response…

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I later found out that Scott had been acting strange because he was trying to find the photographer that he’d scheduled to be there to capture every moment! It was something he knew was important to me. My fiance could not have done a better job, he could not have planned a more perfect night for our engagement. It’s definitely a night we will both never forget! A night filled with family, friends, and all the love two people could have for each other.
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