Tianna and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I first met when we were both 14 years old at our high school gym workouts. Our relationship started as a friendship but quickly grew into us becoming high school sweethearts. We were best friends and did everything together- from Disney trips to even something as little as a shopping date we made everything an adventure!

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Two years ago we got a puppy together- Kona. She became our world and we loved to spend our time together going on walks- especially at the beach. We also finally moved in together this past November after living with our parents for a few years. We finally had created our own life together.

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How They Asked

We celebrated our ten-year anniversary in February and everyone (I mean everyone!) was dying to know when we would get engaged. On our anniversary, Ryan had asked me what some of my favorite memories were together and the first one I said was sitting on Good Harbor Beach at sunset. He took that to heart and decided that would be the spot he would propose. Now, I was dying for the proposal and was trying to get any hint possible. He decided he would use my detective work to his advantage and give me fake hints to throw me off my course. Boy did they work! I was convinced he wouldn’t be doing it until later in the spring and not at the beach.

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It was his birthday and he had asked weeks ago to go out to eat at one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Gloucester. Nothing popped in my head because I figured he’d want his own special day for his birthday. We decided to head to the beach first because the sunset was incredible and we wanted to take a walk. We got to a spot with perfect sunlight and I asked to take a selfie. After we took the picture and my back was still towards him I heard him say “Wouldn’t this be a perfect time to propose?”. I snapped back to playfully hit his arm thinking he was playing with my emotions again and to my complete surprise he was on his knee holding a ring box. I immediately burst into tears and can’t remember anything else but us both laughing and hugging over and over again. From my high school sweetheart to my future husband… I am the luckiest girl in the world!

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