Tianna and Joey

How We Met

In Summer of 2012, I was living in Downtown Orlando & Joey was living in Windham, Maine. Even though We both went to the same high school, they had never talked, hung out, or even knew each other. Joey was ever the flirt, and through Facebook they exchanged phone numbers and started talking. See? Good things do happen on Social Media. :) The chemistry was instant, and soon I was flying home on weekends for the chance to spend a few hours with Joey. Joey was able to visit me once in Orlando and helped me celebrate my birthday in Siesta Key. The beginning was a lot of text messages, phone calls, and long distances.

After about one month of dating, Joey asked Me if I would move back to Maine to really try this relationship our and see if it would be work. All the pieces magically fell into place, I got a job offer that would start in 2 weeks, said good bye to 12 years of working at Walt Disney World and living in Orlando to travel back to my home state of Maine. It was a crazy risk, but we both knew it was right, different than anything else and meant to be.

Joey flew to Orlando to drive Me & my beloved puppy, Gracie Lou back to Maine in a U-Haul. It was the first of many adventures. The name of the trip was “Forward Motion Only”. It was a magical time and just 72 hours later & the first snow of the season they landed in Maine.

We still joke about how easy it was to be together, even little things like how all My furniture and things fit perfectly into Joey’s home & heart. Since then, they have traveled, loved, grown, become each other’s best friends and adopted two adorable dogs that complete our little family. So three years later, we may have left the honeymoon phase, but even more in love every day. We grew together, worked to be stronger, and thankful for each other every day.

Image 1 of Tianna and Joey

how they asked

I love to have one formal picture of my little family once a year, so it had become tradition to have a photographer take a “Christmas Card Photo”. In early November 2015 – the booked photographer had cancelled. I was away for work and panicked. Joey reassured me that he would find a photographer and date that would work in our busy scheduled. The day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) he arranged for us to go to a Christmas Tree Farm to take their annual Christmas Card Photo! Joey took care of it all as he knew I loved the christmas card tradition. So morning of, I went off to get her hair done leaving her mom (who was up from Florida) and him at our house. Joey and My mom, Cherie, plotted as they knew I would want pictures of the day I got engaged and of course …. My hair and make up done. So alas, surprising during the Christmas Card photo shoot was the perfect time. Joey was calm, and hid the ring in an extra pair of shoes he brought (if you know Joey – this wouldn’t be a surprise). Then about when the dogs were going crazy, I suggested that they get a few of just them – in case none with the puppies came out. So he tied the dogs up (getting the ring at the same time) – and then asked if we could switch sides. Again, if you know Joey you would know I didn’t think was weird at all. Literally, I had no clue! When I looked back around, Joey was on one knee. I gasped and Joey says about 5,000 emotions ran over my face. Joey said “You are my partner in our life adventure, and I never want that to end. I love you, will you marry me”. I cried, kissed his face, and said “YES, OF COURSE!”

Image 2 of Tianna and Joey

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