Tiani and Elias

How We Met

We first met when we were 16, at our local church youth group. I have been attending and serving at that youth group for quite some time then, and when I showed up, Elias was setting up his guitar on stage and I didn’t recognize who he was. I was determined to meet every new person I would come across, so later that evening I went right up to him and said, “Hi! I don’t think I ever met you before! I’m Tiani.”

Tiani and Elias's Engagement in Ko Olina, HI

With little words to respond with, wearing a black and white flannel with a guitar in his hand, he introduced himself as Elias.

….yeah I ended up forgetting his name and how to even spell it. But somehow a few weeks later we connected on Facebook which began our journey as the best of friends.

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He was honest and easy to talk to, which I loved. Music and food was our commonality, Spending countless hours of conversations about the two. We were obviously attracted to each other, but we were both in high school and I was no way in any position to get into a relationship. So we remained close for the next couple of years…

We just turned 20, our friendship only grew stronger, and he couldn’t wait any longer…On February 15, 2013, Elias asked my dad if we could date…and you know where this is going <3 We were both SO excited. We couldn’t believe that we were now in a dating relationship!

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We’ve been through so many ups and downs! Situations that challenged us and SO many memories created that I’d call my favorites. We had some breaks in between, but what it came down to was that we just didn’t want to miss out on each other’s lives. We were going places and The further we progressed in life, the more we grew to learn that anything we go through, we can get through together…

How They Asked

It was Thursday, January 10, just another ordinary sunny day thinking I had a scheduled photo shoot at sunset. I’m a photographer by trade, so I treated this day like a typical “workday.” I wasn’t feeling my best, but I knew I had to push through especially because I was going to have a friend of mine drive me to my shoot…little did I know that that would be part of the plan for the day!

While my friend Kea and I are headed out to my “appointed scheduled Photoshoot”, Elias rallied a bunch of my closest and dearest friends to begin setting up and preparing for the proposal. Prepared were 14 dozen red roses lined up in an aisle, handwritten signs written with meme references relating to some of our favorite tv/movie couples, such as:,“You’re the Lorelai to my Luke” (Gilmore Girls), “You’re the Selena to my Chris” (Selena Quintanilla), big gold balloons saying “Will You Marry Me”, held by everyone, while our dearest Keilana Mokulehua sings two of “our songs”, Had to be you by Dara Maclean, and “So High” by John Legend.

Anyways, at around 5:00 pm, Kea and I pull up to the parking lot at Ko Olina and I started to wonder why our “clients” were arriving late since that normally gets me a little aggravated. While trying to stall the time for Elias to finish setting up, Kea tries to distract me from scouting the location, and at 5:15p, she pulls out my favorite romper and a letter out of her trunk and tells me to put it on.

Instantly realizing what was going on, I freaked out, said, “No way!” and quickly jumped back into the car. I could feel all the anxiety and nervousness suddenly rush over me. Okay, first of all, you gotta understand that I’m totally type a. When things don’t go according to schedule or what was anticipated, I don’t know what to do at the moment! So yeah you can say that I’m hard to surprise lol! I sat in the car not wanting to come out because that meant all the attention was about to be geared towards me, but I didn’t want to miss out and it was already decided by both of us that we were going to get married. So I sucked it up, put my romper on, and had a moment to myself by the car. I must have been taking way to long because, in that duration, the sun was setting, the SECURITY was trying to kick Elias them off because his set up was way too publicly extravagant, and my best friend Mel ran to the car to grab me, kick me in the butt, and get me to walk down there.

As I walked up, I could see the security trying to shut everything down. So many thoughts were going through my head, but while I walked I could see all of my closes friends in position, watching me, and I turn a bit and see my sweet Elias standing there, a ring in his hand, and a grin on his face. My best friend. Once I finally overcame the anxiety and nervousness, all I could hear were the words coming out of his mouth. I turn to look at everyone surrounding us at this moment, and we couldn’t help but cry. We couldn’t believe we were finally here at this moment. It’s overwhelming. You wouldn’t believe all that we had to go through together to get to this point. It was a long time coming, like a dream waiting to happen and if it would ever happen.

Of course, my response was, “I already said Yes!” Because I said yes Elias the moment I met him…I just didn’t realize it yet until this moment.

Mayberry Multimedia was there to capture it all, led by our dearest friends, Danny, and Leigh Anne Mayberry. We can’t believe that we’re engaged and are still on a high after it all. I couldn’t believe he put all this time and preparation into the proposal. But even beyond just this day, Elias and I have put much time and preparation into our relationship that got us to where we are today…and we getting MARRIED Y’all!! ?❤️?

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