Tiana and Chris

Image 2 of Tiana and Chris

How We Met

We met in early April of 2018, and our first date was on June 26, 2018. We had some mutual friends that tried to set us up for MONTHS and Chris just wasn’t catching any hints. I would go to their work dinners, work birthday parties, and he never once wondered why this random girl was always sitting next to him amongst his coworker friends. Finally, one of them decided to tell him, and the rest is history!

Actually, maybe it wasn’t that easy. I liked Chris from the moment my best friend sent me screenshots of his Instagram photos. There was just something about him that instantly made me feel like this could work, without even knowing him very well. He had an air of sweet kindness that I found very attractive. So, after getting fed up waiting for him to make a move, I did things the old fashioned way. I slid into his Instagram DMs.

We had our first date at a local pizzeria and talked the whole night away. They actually had to kick us out cause they were closing. We spent that night talking and laughing, and basically haven’t stopped talking and laughing together ever since.

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How They Asked

Chris asked me to marry him on our two year anniversary. For months leading up to the day, he insisted I had to “woo him” on our anniversary since he planned the previous year’s activities. So, because of COVID all I was able to plan was brunch, happy hour, dinner, and a walk. I wondered for most of the day if he was going to pop the question but gave up hope once the day was ending. He even asked me where I wanted to walk after dinner, making me think he had no plans. (It turns out he just knew I would suggest Lost Lagoon, my favorite place to walk in the city.)

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So after dinner we walked over to the lagoon. Chris had insisted on wearing a suit to dinner (in hindsight this should have been a huge sign of something happening) so we were definitely the most dressed up people walking around the lagoon. Once we hit the opposite side, he said “why don’t we go up here?” And we walked up a small hill that led to a little open space amongst the trees, right above the public path and the water. The first thing I noticed was the hanging photos.

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There were photos hanging of the two of us from when we met until now, and a little bench set up with flowers. He took me over to the bench (by this point I was already crying) and had me read a list of 75 things he loves about me. Since I knew what was coming, I didn’t really read the list. I was too excited, so I skimmed it.

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Chris told me that from the day I met him I’ve made him the happiest man, and now it’s his turn to make me the happiest woman. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, sorry, could you just say that one more time?? And he asked again. (I just wanted to hear it again!! I’ve literally dreamed of this moment pretty much since I met him.)

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I obviously said yes. And then I said, finally!

Image 7 of Tiana and Chris

Moments later a bunch of our friends came running out that had been hiding in the bushes taking photos and videos, and we popped some champagne and enjoyed the moment. By far the best night of my life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with my very best friend.

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