Tia and Tyler

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How We Met

I joined a sorority and became involved in Greek Life when I transfered to a different college. I became really good friends with a few guys in the Fraternity. We hung out a lot and guess what, one was best friends with Tyler. As I hung out with one the guys more, I obviously saw Tyler more often (they lived together too). I thought he was really funny and seemed like fun. He still had a girlfriend, so I was never “interested”. We ended up becoming friends, but didn’t talk much. I can still remember at a New Year’s Eve party (2016), he would send me snap-chats of me talking to any guy, with the caption “when you’re dating Tia”. This would continue to go on for months. We started to become better friends and talk more because of the silly snap-chats he would send. My best guy friend (also his best friend) had a family event that we were both invited to. I remember him showing up late and saying hi. I will be honest guys, I had a crush on him at this point. He seemed like a “too cool” kind of guy. You know how there is that one guy in a friend group that you just think is too cool for you, yeah that was him. It seemed like he knew everyone, plus he was older. For one of my friends birthdays a month later, we all went to BWW and celebrated. I remember my friend saying, “Tia you have to date him, he is hot and so cool.” I replied, “he has a girlfriend”. We just continued to get to know each other better and my crush continued to get bigger. One night, a few of us planned to go downtown. It ended up being Tyler, my friend Ashley, and me. So weird thinking back on it. Tyler and I sat and talked the entire time. Okay, forget the crush, I LIKED HIM. Like “take me on a date”, liked him. We danced to all the line dances because again, he had a girlfriend. After I dropped him off, it was just Ashley and I. I was talking about him and how awesome he was and Ashley (being Ashley) said, “dude he has a girlfriend”. I knew she was right but it made me so mad. I slammed on my brakes and I remember her falling into the floor board, so funny to look back on now. We started talking a lot more after that night. I remember wishing him luck on his job interview (he still has that job today) and just chatting about different things. I got to see him graduate and all I could talk about was how hot Tyler Teague was. I squealed like a girl for him when they called his name. I told him how proud I was of him and he told me he had been smiling all day, it was one of the proudest moments for him. I worked at a camp during that summer of 2016. His birthday was right before I left. Somehow, I got him to give me his phone number so that I could wish him happy birthday (ulterior motives here). After that day (May 22) we talked every day. I would stay up late and text him until 2 and 3a.m. and turn around and be up by 7:30a.m. I can still vividly remember when he told me how liked me, in some smooth way, because Teague was all about being smooth. I had the most butterflies I have ever feel in my entire life. I was laying in the dark at the bottom bunk of the camp staffers rooms and wanting to scream and shout and wake everyone up to tell them. From then on, our feelings only grew. After I got back from training camp, I went over to his house. It was June 7th and I somehow was not too nervous, just so excited! We had no issues talking, honestly I didn’t think he would shut up. We watched the Bachelor and I finally was like, “I haven’t seen this show, can you shut up.” After, we hung out and just talked and ended up driving all around. We ended up in Lavaca at the car wash where he washed my car for me. I didn’t leave him that night until 2a.m. probably. I was smiling all the way home. We kept hanging out until I had to go back to camp. We hung out until the wee hours of the morning everytime. We ate dinner, hiked, drove around, went to the movies, rain through sprinklers, and even had our first kiss on July 4th. I never wanted to hug him because I was so nervous, and honestly thought I might be taller than him. We always did this stupid handshake where we would go back to back and high five (wow I hate myself thinking back on that). We finally got to the point of hugging and then finally in my bedroom he kissed me after we had gone to see some fireworks. It was seriously the best first kiss I had ever had. He quickly broke the silence with, “thank god you’re a good kisser.” I cannot remember every detail after that but I do remember us walking outside for him to leave my house and then sitting on a rock for another 2 hours to talk. This became known as the infamous “like rock”. He told me one night before camp that he wanted to get serious with me. Camp was a blast but I really missed him. We would talk on the phone as much as we could. I talked in almost all of my free time and enjoyed every moment of it. After I got back from camp, we kept dating and the rest is history. On September 4th, he took me to the drive-in movies and then took me to that “like rock” and told me how he knew all of those “like rock” chats that he wanted to be with me. After, we proceeded to take a photoshoot trying to tell the story of our relationship. Yes, I know I am so cheesy and he goes with it. We have had so many wonderful moments together. My nephew and his niece being born, all the holidays celebrated together, the trips to Eureka Springs, Dallas, the cruise to Cozumel and Costa Maya, or even New York City. Speaking of….

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How They Asked

We went to New York City on vacation in March 2019 with my sister, her boyfriend, and my parents. He had told me that my sister was going to get engaged on the trip but that obviously I couldn’t say anything. Fast forward to the second day we were there. It was March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day and we went to Central Park. I remember holding hands walking into the park and Tyler saying, “is that Bow Bridge?” He was looking at a different bridge that had tons of runners on it from the marathon. Thinking back, I bet he was so stressed out when he saw all of those people. Anyways, we made our way over to Bethesda Terrace, better known as the fountain from Gossip Girl. We walked around and took some pictures. After, we walked over to Bow Bridge. As we were just about to get on the bridge, Tyler grabs my hand, which I just think “awe he’s so sweet (because I am usually the one grabbing his hand all the time). We take about 5 steps on to the bridge and he stops and faces me. I KNOW exactly what is about to happen. This is the moment I have been waiting for my entire life and it is here. And what do I do? BAWL MY EYES OUT, that’s what! He stops and turns to me and he says, “I know we have a like rock, but I thought maybe we could make this our love bridge? How does that sound?” *insert crying too hard to say anything but nod my head and fall into his chest crying*. He then laughs and says, “I haven’t even said anything to you yet.” He then precedes with, “You know I love you with all my heart, right? You’re my best friend and I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” He unzips his jacket, grabs the box, and gets down on one knee. *AGH, screaming still.* He says, “Will you marry me?” I cry and freak out and say “yes”, obviously. It should be noted here that the box opened up in the middle, not the typical way, so the ring ended up being presented to me sideways, which I still think is hilarious. He stands up, puts the ring on my finger and pulls me up to give him a hug. He then literally had to say, “Give me a kiss”, because I am too beside myself to think straight. Then I look at the ring and I’m just repeating “Oh my gosh, I’m dying, what? Oh my gosh, it’s so pretty” and just start jumping. We take all the pictures and then head back to the fountain again. Underneath, there is always some sort of musician playing. We stop and start dancing together which quickly turns into us crying, yes I said us. I saw Tyler get choked up. We had our own bachelor one-on-one date in Central Park dancing to a violin playing “Rewrite the Stars” from the Greatest Showman, which we sing together in the car all the time. I was on cloud nine for the rest of the trip and still look down and stare at my ring. Yes, because it is so beautiful and he could not have done better, but because the most amazing man in the world gave it to me. The man I prayed for my entire life. The one who made it all worth it.

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