Tia and Sebastien

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How We Met

Sebastien and I met at Boca High, where soon after we became best friends. I moved in with my girlfriend for a few months (while my house was being finished) and he just so happened to live right across the street from her! We began hanging out almost every day and our feelings for each other started quickly evolving into much more than just friends. So we decided to take our relationship to the next level and make it official in July of 2012. We have been pretty much inseparable ever since!

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how they asked

If anyone knows me, they know how much I love sweets, ice cream, and desserts. For about 2 months, Sebastien and I had planned to go to the ice cream museum together. It was getting close and I was so excited because I had waited so long for it to come! About a week and a half before, Sebastien came home from work and broke the news that he wasn’t going to be able to go, due to a work trip that he would have to go on that same weekend. Of course, I was totally bummed but decided to invite my sister, Tara, to join me instead. She happily accepted the offer!

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Friday morning (the day before the museum) I kissed Sebastien goodbye and told him I’d see him Sunday night when he got back from his trip. We weren’t able to talk much that day because “he was on a 5-hour plane ride” and I went to dinner with some girlfriends. At dinner, I expressed my disappointment at having to go to the museum without him the next day. Saturday morning arrives (museum day) and Sebastien sends me a text to say good morning and let me know he wouldn’t be able to talk at all that day because he was going into a seminar. I arrive at the museum with Tara where the sprinkle pool was the first stop. We had to wait in line and come up with an ice cream name. While pondering our names, they let us know that we were the 100th members in line and we won a private session in the sprinkle pool! We were both so excited because we never win anything.

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We waited a few more minutes and finally, it was time to enter the sprinkle pool room. I opened the door to the room and Sebastien was standing there in the middle of the pool, with rose petals everywhere, love notes written on chalkboard signs, and one of our favorite songs playing (Holy). I will never forget the way I felt the moment I laid eyes on him and realized what was happening. It was, without a doubt, my happiest moment ever and truly was the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined. Of course… I said YES!

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