Tia and Leon

How We Met

Leon and I met pretty organically for today’s standards. We were both out with friends on a Sunday night of a long weekend at a local restaurant/lounge. His table was next to mine, but I didn’t think anything of it because he was with a girl (who I would later find out is one of his best friends). At the end of the night both of our tables paid and exited the restaurant at the same time. While my friends and I were standing outside Leon approached me and asked for my phone number. I answered by asking him if he usually picked up other girls while he was on a date. He chuckled and reassured me that Nicola was just a friend, and so I gave him my number.

how they asked

Three years ago Leon and I went searching for a mysterious “deck” hike in Furry Creek, BC. Back in the day, the hike was once a nice hour stroll along a clear beaten path. The trail head had since been camouflaged by a logging cite and torn down trees. We tried different paths, climbed mounds of rocks and walked through our fair share of cobwebs. After 4 hours we finally got it right. The overgrown trail parted and we stepped out in to the beaming sun which illuminated the most beautiful deck overlooking the most beautiful scenery we had ever seen. It became our “spot”.

On August 12th 2018, Leon took me to our “spot”; which we would do every so often so it wasn’t out of the norm. Other than the sound of our breath and the birds chirping, it was completely silent at the top. We walked to the edge of the deck and when I turned around, Leon took my hands in his, told me he wanted me to be his forever, and got down on one knee. It was a perfect proposal in our perfect spot.

Special Thanks

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