Tia and Jacob

Image 1 of Tia and Jacob

How We Met

Our story may not seem like a fairy tale to most but is perfect, real, and ours. Jake and I met online on a dating app called Plenty Of Fish. He was actually the only guy that I had the courage to message first! I couldn’t help myself when his “perfect date” answer in his bio was “going to a trampoline park followed by breakfast food”. Food and fun, so who could resist, right? Then, after talking on the phone and texting for about a month, we scheduled a date. He lived two hours from me at the time (he was in Green Bay, WI and I was in Madison, WI at the university), but he wanted to meet me so badly that he was willing to drive the two hours so that I would be comfortable on my turf. Our first date was a perfect mix of mini-golfing, burgers, ice cream at this weird little shop, and an awkward first kiss in the parking lot before he left to go home. It was perfect.

How They Asked

Fast forward about two years to me now living in Green Bay with Jake. In about 6 months, he would be required to go to another NOSC (Navy Operational Support Center) all the way in South Carolina. So naturally, I planned to go with. To make the transition a bit easier, Jake and I decided to get engaged. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, he didn’t surprise you? You already KNEW you were going to get engaged?” And yes, I did. Jake and I even designed the ring together and it was a blast! The only thing I didn’t know was exactly when and how he would “pop the question”. The answer was literally the day he picked up the ring from the jeweler when it was finished and in our favorite park in Green Bay, Voyageur Park. The park is beautiful; right on a river with several small trails wrapping around and an area to walk out on a long, concrete pier to relax and enjoy the sounds of the dam. Jake proposed right in the middle of the park, on top of a small hill, as the sun was setting. A couple on a nearby trail (the only other people in the park at the time) noticed us and starting cheering, clapping, and yelling “congratulations!” in our direction. That was it. No professional photographer, no fireworks, no family or friends present, and no elaborate proposal. Just me, Jake, a beautiful sunset, and a random older couple cheering for us. Perfect, real, and ours.