Great Wall of China Proposal

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How We Met: Thurston and I had met in 2005 – I automatically found him charming and attractive, however he and I were not in a position for us to be together…I don’t even think we thought about each other “like that.” From then on, we saw each other sporadically…he was in a relationship and so was I but eventually the stars would align…

We started getting to know each other in 2012, and I have no clue why we didn’t start hanging out sooner! To be honest, take it for what you will, but I think that God was molding us, with our own personal trials, to be ready for each other when our time came…and sure enough that time came.

The more we hung out, the more I questioned “where is this going” and I think that’s a natural question that almost every girl asks when they’re spending a lot of time with a guy they really like. I asked him a few times and we finally both agreed that we were going to take it one-day-at-a-time; we were going to enjoy each other’s company, no pressure, just good times.

One day, and I have no recollection (neither does he) of what day this was, we were at a holiday party for his job at the time, he introduced me as HIS girlfriend!! Holy sweet potatoes…what a moment…but I didn’t ruin it by stopping him mid-conversation with his co-worker, nope…I just simply enjoyed and took joy in knowing that I was officially his girl.

With that said, Thurston and I currently don’t have an anniversary to celebrate because we don’t have an exact date; we just count every day as a celebration of how happy we are together. Moving forward, we are going to have date to celebrate in the books soon enough – 08/07/2016

how they asked: My fiance, Thurston, really surprised me when he proposed to me on the Great Wall of China! I honestly did not see this coming! Before we had left on our vacation, he had told me, “I know that this is big trip and all, but don’t expect anything.” With that said, I totally understood because we had spent a lot of money for the vacation already – I had already made up my mind that this trip was going to be epic no matter what!

Back to the day of the proposal, it was 45 degrees on the Wall and because it was cold, I was actually wanting to leave 30 minutes into the visit! Then, in a nonchalant fashion, Thurston had pointed out one of the towers and had said, “Hey, what’s that?” and to my surprise it was a banner of my favorite collage of us with the words “Will You Marry Me?” on it…when I turned back to him, he was on his knee with a beautiful ring in hand! Shortly after he asked me the life-changing question (I said yes, by the way), someone had brought out a bouquet of 111 roses for me. One hundred eleven roses holds the meaning of “I will love you forever.”

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In the midst of all this joy, there was someone taking candid photos and recording us – Thurston, his father, and his cousin had gathered a team to help set up and capture the moment – I am so thankful to have this moment been captured on photos and video. Thurston not only placed a ring on it, he gave us an amazing story to share.

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