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How We Met

I met Thomas in the halls of Liberty Park Middle School in the seventh grade. I remember hearing about a funny guy a few classrooms down the hall, but never met him until the day I tried to set him up with a friend for the upcoming dance. Around the same time, my family began attending our neighborhood Church. Before I knew it, I was going to summer camps, taking white water rafting trips, and visiting Six Flags with this cute guy (and the little white church van was the best place to get to know him). The summer before eighth grade, he asked me to be his “girlfriend” and I swooned like any little middle school girl would. Our sweet little love ended abruptly on Valentines day of 2010. After he gave me some pretty flowers & strawberries, I handed him a ladybug pillow pet and then quickly announced that I thought or relationship needed to end (oh the middle school drama).

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During high school, we were in the youth group band together. He was the cute drummer who also played football, and I spent many of our practices wondering why I ever broke up with that guy. Though we hardly talked at this point, our parents started becoming friends ultimately leading to our moms starting a business together. After High School, Thomas got accepted to The U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO and I was headed to a small school in Jackson, MS. Our paths were getting further and further apart, but suddenly seeing pictures of him in a uniform on Facebook caught my attention once again. I tried to suppress the thoughts believing that after breaking his heart in Middle School (on Valentines Day might I add) he would never be interested. The summer before my Sophomore year of college, I was shocked when I received a text message from him one morning. I had not talked to him in years. We texted a few random times throughout the summer and I knew he would only be home for about three weeks during June/July. I remember sitting at the Cheesecake Factory with my parents when they convinced me that I should just ask him out to coffee and see where things went. Terrified, I sent him a quick message and anxiously waited for a reply.

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After our little coffee chat I was completely in love; however, he didn’t say anything to me for a week leading me to believe he was completely uninterested (in reality he was out of town). Two nights before he had to go back to Colorado, he asked me out on an official date and the rest is history.

how they asked

After looking at rings during Christmas, I knew that he would be proposing within the next few months. Unfortunately, I am incredibly curious and fairly skilled at figuring out surprises. He told me over winter break that I wouldn’t be able to see him in February due to some flight training in Kansas.I immediately didn’t believe him, so from that point on I was convinced I would be getting engaged President’s weekend. When my family planned a get together that weekend ensuring I would be home, my thoughts were confirmed. Over the next two weeks, I scheduled a hair appointment, started whitening my teeth, and even limited my sugar intake so my skin wouldn’t break out (it is incredibly humbling to admit how absolutely ridiculous I am). When the weekend finally rolled around, his friends started sending me snapchats with him in t “Kansas”, he posted an Instagram posts, and suddenly I was extremely disappointed and embarrassed because I had truly thought it would be that weekend.

On Saturday night, I called him explaining how I had been convinced I was getting engaged that weekend and how embarrassed I was that it wouldn’t be happening. He played the conversation off well and at that point, I had no idea what would be happening the next day. On Sunday, my friend Ivy stopped by to say hello to my family. She asked me if I wanted to go get lunch, in which I replied no explaining that my mom said we were making sandwiches for lunch (I’m an extremely scheduled person). A few minutes later she said that we could go to the Cheesecake Factory to which I finally agreed because I didn’t want her to get lunch by herself. When I got in her car, there was a note in my seat from her and then when I looked over I saw a rose. As we were backing out of my driveway, I suddenly realized what was happening.

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The rest of the day I got to see all of my loved ones, read their sweet letters, shop for a new outfit, and get my nails done. That sweet day eventually led up to the best night of my life…The night I got to say YES to a life with my best friend.

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