Lauren and Thomas

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How We Met

Tom and I met in the spring of 2013 during my clinical rotations as a Physician Assistant student, at a medical practice where he was working as a Radiologic Technologist.


We felt a spark only after my first week, but due to concerns of a budding office relationship affecting me professionally, we dated in secret during my entire six weeks at the practice. After our long work days, we would leave in separate cars and meet up at a nearby river walk where we could see the NYC skyline.

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We’d spend hours walking, sipping coffee, watching the sun set, and getting to know each other. Meanwhile, we later found out that Tom’s co-workers were also secretly plotting ways to set us up!

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After two years of dating, traveling, new experiences, and many good memories, we took the leap of moving in together. Living with Tom has and still does feel so natural, mostly because of the small and simple moments that we share.

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The best days of my life start with sipping coffee with him on the couch, watching the news.  It wasn’t surprising that shortly after, talk of marriage and engagement came so easily.

how they asked

Tom proposed on my favorite night of the year: my annual Christmas party. It’s the one night each year when I know that my family and friends will be together to celebrate the spirit of the holidays.

Every year at this party, I host a trivia tournament with a slide-show of questions for prizes, which I like to think is the most fun part of the night — especially after a few drinks! This particular year, I lost my voice and needed Tom’s help to read some of the questions.

At the end of the game, as I was taking a much needed sip of my cocktail, Tom took the room by surprise by saying, “But wait, there’s still one more question…and this one’s just for Lauren”. Then after a short and sweet sentiment, he got down on one knee and popped the question in front of our friends and family.



The moment could not have been more perfect!


Luckily, I had bought a selfie stick just the day before the party, which made for these great pictures!

Just six months later, we took our engagement photos in the same river walk along the NYC skyline where we spent so many nights talking, laughing, and getting to know each other so early in our relationship. The nostalgia (and the coffee) brought back the best memories! You can definitely see the love and appreciation in our faces as we returned to our old stomping grounds.


We’re set to get married in early May of 2017. Our hope is that we can capture the beauty and warmth of the evening Spring twilight where we fell in love.

Special Thanks

Jennifer Larsen
Photographer (engagement photos)