Erica and Thomas

How We Met

Who would’ve thought that I would be marrying the boy that sat next to me in 10th-grade biology class!!

Massapequa High School 2010~ Tom, my fiancé, and I met over passing notes in our 10th-grade biology class at Massapequa High School. We had a few mutual friends in common but not that many. We never had really gotten to know each other besides the fact that I knew he played on the varsity football team and he knew that I ran varsity track. (It took us a few months of dating for Tom to open up and tell me that he used to watch me run around the track while he was at football practice and got called out a few times by his teammates and coaches lol)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The View Restaurant

From the end of sophomore year, through the summer, and into the beginning of the junior year of high school we formed such a close bond and I considered Tom to be one of my best friends. Junior year began and even though we were not in any of the same classes we still made time to see one another throughout the hallways and during our lunch period. Halloween rolled around and Tom did something he had never done, he invited me to come out with him and his friends that night so I figured why not and went. To my surprise, it was really fun and everyone was really welcoming. I didn’t suspect anything of it but apparently, this was a confirmation to Tom that not only was I the perfect girl for him, but I also got along great with his friends. Ten days after Halloween was my birthday and Tom was nothing shy of a gentleman, getting me boxes of kettle corn (my personal favorite), a gift card to the nail salon, and flowers (which I later found out his mom was a florist! but it’s the thought that counts). That’s when I had a feeling that Tom wanted something more than us just being best friends.

On November 15, 2010, on the 2nd floor of Massapequa High School at the center staircase, Tom asked me to be his girlfriend and of course, I accepted! Little to my knowledge, I would be getting into a 7 1/2 year long relationship with the person I would experience life, to have by my side, through the good and the bad, forever and always.

Erica and Thomas's Engagement in The View Restaurant

how they asked

May 14, 2018~

It was the day after I had graduated Pharmacy school and Tom said he wanted to take me out to celebrate my achievement. I was so tired from the festivities the day before that I didn’t even want to go and kept saying “Bubba can’t we just go tomorrow?” and he was so persistent that we had to go that day so we went. He took me to The View in Oakdale, a restaurant on the water I had been wanting to try. We walked into the restaurant and it was so quiet, practically no one was there it was so awkward so we decided to go to the bar and get a drink. After we got our drinks Tom said let’s go out on the dock and sit out there for a little. Before I could even sit down he made me put my drink down on a cocktail table and said “Let’s go take a selfie on the dock”, which for anyone that knows Tom, that is totally unlike him. As we were walking out on the dock he told me to turn around and as I turn around he was down on one knee!! It was the day before our 7 1/2 year anniversary…

Proposal Ideas The View Restaurant

“Tomorrow marks 7 1/2 years together, I want today to mark forever.”

I am not going to go into all of the details of what Tom said when he proposed because that is something special that will remain between the two of us. Once my fairytale dream concluded I looked up and a longtime friend of ours who is also a photographer was hiding and snapping photographs of us! I couldn’t believe it!

We headed back into the restaurant to the most beautiful table set up with champagne and dinner. I barely had an appetite because I was in complete shock and could not stop smiling/starring at my hand and my future husband sitting across the table from me. After dinner, we went back to my house where we were greeted with lots of love, dessert, decorations, and our families! He truly made it the DREAM proposal! I think I was on cloud nine for about an entire week after it happened!

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