This Day-Long Proposal Will Blow You Away

How we met: Like many couples today, we met over the internet on He lived in St. Louis, MO at the time, and I in Denver. We dated long distance for nearly 2 1/2 years. But he made that long period of time so much easier to handle than I would have expected. He always was romantic and creative and came up with ideas and surprises that always kept me smiling and on my toes in anticipation of the next time I would see him. This past April, we made the decision that Tim would move to Denver and we would eventually get married.

This Day-Long Proposal Will Blow You Away

how they asked: Well where do I begin? About 3 months ago, my friend Shaye asked me if I would like to come to a beauty networking party she was planning to have at here home to promote her skin care and facial business. Owning a salon myself, I of course agreed and put it on my calendar without thinking anything of it.

Well the day I showed up, which was Sunday October 5th, 2014, I seemed to be one of the first people there. And after a few friends and even my sister showed up, I wondered how all these people knew each other?? That’s when Shaye spilled the beans on what was happening. She handed me an iPad with a video that I was supposed to watch.


To my surprise, one of my idols in the Salon world, Eric Fisher was speaking to me and telling me that today was not a beauty networking party at all, but an elaborate scavenger hunt planned out for me and the girls and it all began with a puzzle I needed to put together.

This Day-Long Proposal Will Blow You Away

This puzzle when put together showed me a place called “Mile High Station,” which was the first place Tim and I ever went to a costume party. I was Jasmine and he was my magic carpet! LOL Upon arriving at my second location, I was given another video clue, this one also included a card and Cipher clue that I had to solve to find my next destination. The clue was supposed to take me to the place where we had our very first dinner together.


At the next location, Jing Restaurant I found yet another video clue and this time a crossword puzzle to solve. This one would take me to the first place I ever laid eyes on Tim. But it was the video that really got me, because Tim saved footage of the two of us when we got baptized together in St. Louis in 2012.

Tialdo_Proposal-Favs-27 copy

This clue took me to the hotel I very first saw Tim at. And no I didn’t stay there! The first time Tim ever flew out to see me in Denver, he stayed at this hotel and I picked him up there to go have lunch and head to the Mall to meet some friends. What made this clue and location special is that time put together not only a vide clue, but a montage of pictures and videos of us early in our relationship that brought back many memories and of course had us all bawling in tears! For the clue however, this one was a series of cards that all had locations on them that Tim and I had been together before. And the others had locations we had not been to. My job was to put together the ones we had been to and then unscramble the letters on the front of the cards to spell out the first place we ever kissed….my favorite place!

Tialdo_Proposal-Favs-33 copy

That’s right , it was Starbucks! I remember when we were standing in line the very first day we met, he looked so handsome that i just wanted to give him a big smooch, so I did right there in the middle of Starbucks!


For this clue, I was given a Scattergories type of video clue read to me by one of Tim;s best friends Aaron and his wife Lindsay. This would take me to the next location, where we first had lunch together…the White Chocolate Grill..mmmmm

Tialdo_Proposal-Favs-45 copy

Tialdo_Proposal-Favs-49 copy

This clue was read to me my our good friend Nicole Wilkins, who has been a friend of Tim’s for quite a few years. She told me that I only had two stops left and I had to solve the puzzle above to figure out my next destination. It was filled with clues that were part of our relationship, everything from inside jokes to family pet names. This puzzle spelled out RED ROCKS!

Tialdo_Proposal-Favs-57 copy

This was to be my final clue of the day and it had to be the most touching and heartfelt. On the video were Tims parents reading me the final clue and when I saw his dad get emotional, it made all of us tear up a little. Their instructions were for me to go to the place that Tim and I always talked about getting married at. A place we love called Garden of the Gods Resort. There I was to find “someone special” waiting for me.

This location was about 45 minutes away so we hopped in the limo and headed to Colorado Springs

Tialdo_Proposal-Favs-55 copy

When we pulled up to the resort, no kidding there was a huge deer standing there in the entrance just minding his own business!


When we walked inside, my instructions from the bellman were to head out he back door to the reflection pool and i would find who I was looking for. Wouldn’t you know it, there was my family, many of my friends who were not already in the limo with me and Tim standing in front of a majestic backdrop of the rocky mountains and Pikes Peak.

My brother escorted me half way to Tim and then I took it from there….


The next 5 minutes of my life were a blur as Tim have one of the most romantic and heartfelt proposals I could have ever asked for and then he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him!

This Day-Long Proposal Will Blow You Away

This was truly one of the most memorable, romantic and heartfelt days of my life and I am truly blessed to have such an incredible man who would go to such lengths and detail to make the day like a fairy tale. And to all the friends who helped Tim plan this, thank you for keeping it a secret and letting me live this day out! It was AMAZING!



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Photographer: Stacy Gillespie  |  Videographer: Hank Palan