Theresa and Wiriawan

How We Met

We knew each other since December 2010. We just talked by messenger since we were separated across Jakarta and Singapore back then. We met for the first time on January 2011 when we came home to Jakarta for lunar holiday. We just felt match to each other and on February 5th 2011 before he flied back to Singapore, he asked me to be his girlfriend. And i said yes, then we had long distance relationship until he finished his study 3 months later.

how they asked

Image 1 of Theresa and Wiriawan

On February 5th 2016, we had our 5th anniversary dinner, unlike any other anniversaries we had before, he asked me to have a special dinner this year. A proper fine-dining at 46th-floor restaurant with the beaitiful city view of Central Jakarta. After the dinner, he gave me a letter of proposal to grow old with me and he popped out the question. And I said “Just like 5 years ago, it’s a YES!”.