Theresa and Steven

Proposal Ideas At the bride's family home

How We Met

Some people don’t believe in “Love at first sight” moments, but we do. I met Steven before I started high school in 2009, and we have been high school sweethearts ever since

It was a Sunday morning, I was still in my pajamas watching tv and about to get dressed for church. The bell rang, and I opened the door for our family friend (Tom) who is a priest. Then in a silly way, out from behind Tom popped out Steven. Immediately, I thought Steven was super cute and I got extremely shy. No boy had ever made me that shy. I was so embarrassed in my PJs but I introduced myself and immediately went to change. That entire day I couldn’t stop thinking about Steven, and my sister even said “If you keep talking about him, you’re gonna start liking him”. Long story short, it all came true. That day was really special because I met Steven through a priest meaning God brought us together. Steven not only met me that day, but my entire family all on the first day. Our entire relationship has been surrounded by God and our family ever since.

how they asked

On this day, I graduated from college and Steven and I went back home for the graduation party.I’m actually really hard to surprise so the graduation party was a perfect disguise. Family is super important to the both of us, and Steven knew that both our families would be present for the graduation. So he knew I wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. During the party, Steven had friends and family take Polaroid pictures with me secretly holding letters that spelled out “Marry Me?”. Meanwhile, a table was being set up with all the Polaroid pictures and the letters in another room. When I turned the corner, it took me a moment to register the words and what was happening with everyone staring..I was so shy. In that moment, Steven got down on one knee in front of our closest friends and family. I’m happy to say I said, “Yes!”. The graduation party turned into an engagement party. That day couldn’t have turned out more perfect completely surrounded with love.

Theresa's Proposal in At the bride's family home

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