Theresa and Nick

Theresa and Nick's Engagement in Boca Raton, Fl

How We Met

We are high school sweethearts. Nick was friends with my older sister and we had connected a couple times due to that. IT all started one Halloween night, one of our mutual friends had a party. Nick was there with friends. I was there with friends. Both of us found ourselves on the ‘dance floor’ (aka a living room table likely). We ended up kissing. At the end of the night, I asked him for a ride home since I didn’t have one. He was nice enough to say yes. Neither of us expected that it would turn into anything more. However, there was a spark between the two of us that was undeniable. The next thing you know, we are talking and flirting constantly. #highschool Eight years later, here we are! Future Husband & Wife. I couldn’t be more excited to spend my life with my one and only soul mate and best friend.

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how they asked

It was the frosting on the 90th birthday cake. It was the day after a long night of fun celebrating my favorite lady’s 90th birthday. All my family had traveled from Chicago, Il & New York City to Boca Raton, Florida where my grandma resides in the winter months. What an incredible party it was!

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The next morning, Nick & I woke up hungover and tired after the incredible evening with family and friends. Nick had insisted on taking a walk on the beach, which confused me. We have been together for EIGHT years and I can count on 1 hand the amount of times that Nick has insisted on taking a walk. I was reluctant to go but he kept asking so I finally agreed a walk would be good for us to sweat out the night before so we could get ready to repeat the fun. About a half mile down the beach, Nick was starting to act weird and I was ready to go back to get ready for the party. We turned to start making our way back to the condo building that my grandma and parents are staying in. Nick looked over at me and said, “Dang, we are REALLY far.” I brushed it off and we went back to telling stories about the night before, giggling and smiling. Finally, the walk was almost over. I had just admitted to Nick that his bizarre idea to go for a walk after a long night of fun was a good idea because I felt much better. That was the moment that he got all red, and the next thing I know, he was on a knee asking me to marry him.

I was SHOCKED and beyond ecstatic to say yes. After I was realized what had just happened, I looked up at the condo building and noticed that all of my family (including the surprise of my future in-laws!) had witnessed the most incredible moment of my entire life thus far.

The only thing that could have possibly made my best friend proposing after 8 years even better, was looking up at the smile on my grandma’s face while looking on.

Nick did it all perfectly. My entire family was aware, except me! (and let me tell you, we are NOT good at keeping secrets! So congratulations to my family members that are reading this and didn’t spill the beans). Nick knew that I would want to be around my family at a time as important as this, yet I had no idea that he would be able pull it off. My future husband (still makes me so happy to say) gets along better than anyone I know with my family, and I am so glad it will finally be official. And by the looks on my family’s faces….I think they have to agree.