Theresa and Frank

How We Met

June 7, 2012, was the first day I met Frank. My roommate at college had 4 tickets to an afternoon Phillies game. She invited me, a guy friend, and he along brought along Frank. We all attended the same college together but this was my first time being introduced to Frank. We tailgated and all enjoyed the game together, it was a normal summer day and not your typical “Love At First Site” or Fairytale story. After the game, my roommate and the boys dropped me off at my summer job. This was Frank’s chance to ask my roommate about me on their way back home to Northeast Philly. Frank kept talking about how pretty he thought I was and asked my roommate if he’d ever had a shot. She told him that I was not interested (which was true… at the time!)

Image 1 of Theresa and Frank

Fast forward to over a year later, our friendship began to develop into a relationship with our senior in college. We attended a relatively small university so it wasn’t unusual to run into each other on campus at the café or the bars on Main Street. Frank would even wait at the café hoping to see me walk in after my track and field practice. August 2013, the beginning of our senior year, Frank was waiting for the perfect time to “wife Theresa up”. I would see Frank occasionally at the bar while he was a barback/cook when I would go out drinking with my friends. Our friendship grew as my roommate and I would go to house parties at “The Hockey House” on Broad St where Frank lived. Soon enough, I was cheering him on in the stands at his hockey games. Frank even asked me to his hockey date party in November of 2013 and that’s when our friendship became a little more serious.

Frank finally asked me to be his girlfriend on March 16, 2014. We really are the perfect match, sometimes even polar opposites, but you know what they say.. opposites do attract. Frank and I have enjoyed many years of happiness together and made so many lasting memories.

Image 2 of Theresa and Frank

How They Asked

Pre-pandemic Proposal, almost ruined by COVID-19

Frank thought it would be the perfect opportunity to propose on our Bahama Cruise Family vacation in February of 2020. The universe had different plans. Frank, myself, and Frank’s family were supposed to embark on our cruise on Friday, February 7th. Unfortunately, people who disembarked the cruise ship we were supposed to board had symptoms of the Coronavirus and needed to be tested before they let passengers on the boat. This delayed our trip by 3 days because test kit availability was scarce.

I had no idea a proposal was planned so I was just thinking the worst case our trip would be canceled, we would reschedule, and that’s that. Frank and his family had to keep it cool on the inside knowing a proposal was already planned in the Bahamas.
On Monday, February 10th, the results came back negative, the ship was disinfected, and we could board our ship and leave for vacation. Because of the delay, the cruise line alerted us that we would not make it to the Bahamas and to make the cruise worthwhile, instead, we would be traveling to Bermuda. The whole itinerary locations changed!

Image 6 of Theresa and Frank

Unbeknownst to me, Frank’s proposal plans were now ruined. Frank is not much of a planner. He is definitely a very laid back and “go with the flow” type of guy. So now he was forced to do what he knows best…. just wing it.

Frank and I actually cruised to Bermuda before when we first started dating so we were excited to head back. I thought it would be so cool to take a picture in front of these giant rocks on the beach as we did on our first cruise 5 years ago and compare the pictures.

Image 3 of Theresa and Frank

On Wednesday, February 12th we were spending the day on Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda. We were walking towards the rocks to get our “before and after picture”. After we posed for the picture, Frank got down on one knee and I was shocked! Frank asked me if I would marry him and after a million “Oh my God”s and “this isn’t real”… I finally said Yes!

(we laughed so hard after the fact realizing that this was something so big he had planned and it was ruined by something out of his control and this is why Frank insists on just going with the flow!)

Image 4 of Theresa and Frank