Thelma and Robert

How We Met

We meet in online dating website. Every tine I’m checking my email that dating website always pop out so I decide to click it and i said to my self nothing to lose to try it. So I sign up and everyday I receive notification new people that in my category choice I made then I saw him, I said he’s on California he’s fat I think he’s not gonna come to see me because I’m in Reno so after that he response told me he happy to reply if he will email him. So I did and we exchange email then we start chat and video chat and told him also that I have 2 two girls in my broken marriage and he accept it because he’s been also in broken marriage too only difference he don’t have kids. Then we decide meet for the first time in June it’s funny the first time we meet we decide to meet in hotel lobby of silver legacy in Reno then I’m there on time he’s there too but we can find him do try to text him and signal inside the hotel very low I need to go to parking to get better signal told I can’t see he said he’s in the lobby waiting I said I’m there too then he asked me are you in the right hotel then I looked around I realize I’m in the wrong hotel lol my bad so we decide to meet outside of the hotel we’re both in the phone talking. While we’re outside we see each we still talking in our phone while we’re getting closer each other. Then we totally meet each other so we when out talk a lot told about my self and as well him too the next day we meet again and he want to meet my girls to I bring them with me and my girls first time them meet him they like him already. Since then we keep talking and we been 8yrs already

Where to Propose in Long Beach Ca. (My aunt House )

how they asked

He been contacted my aunt in May and he told to my Uncle & Aunt that he will propose to me already and he want to marry me. And my aunt asked he’s he really ready and he said yes and there very happy because they really love and like him my family loves him so much.

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