Thea and Michael

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How We Met

We met at a mutual friends “going away” party in October of 2012. We were introduced that night and quickly got to talking. After chatting for some time, we realized we could have kept talking all night. Mike asked for my number before heading home and we went on our first date the following week at a romantic restaurant in Manhattan. I remember thinking how much I enjoyed listening to him speak. There was something so intriguing and so calming about him.

We shared our first kiss that night on the steps in Times Square. He then hailed a cab for me and made sure I let him know that I got home safely. He was and is still such a gentleman. Following that night we began going on weekly dates to different areas in NYC, exploring our city and discovering how we felt for each other. Very quickly our relationship became something undeniably special.

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how they asked

After taking me to see the NYC ballet at Lincoln Center, something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a little girl, Mike walked me to the fountain. All of a sudden he was getting down on his knee and I froze in shock.

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He told me I had changed his life and how he wanted to be with me forever. I don’t remember what else he said but I did remember to say YES! Luckily for me I can relive that night over and over because he had photographers hiding and capturing each moment of the proposal. It is a moment I think about every day and smile.

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