The Most Elaborate, Beautiful Proposal You'll Ever See

Wildflower. That is what I think of when I consider my best friend, my bride (to-be), and fiance Bonnie Kate. Much like a wildflower, she is the strongest and bravest person I know with unmatched, unintentional beauty both inside and out. Most of that beauty comes from her gifts to love well and with great intention, all overflowing from her faith in Christ.

movie theater proposal 2

Our story? Hard to say in a few sentences but If I had to sum it up it goes something like this: Boy meets girl, girl is too young to date so he waits a few years, in the mean time girl grows up and they date for a while before boy scares her off. He is totally heartbroken, then girl gets deathly ill on an island, gets shot in a movie theatre and almost dies… boy then realizes life is too short to waste being hurt or angry. Boy tries again, girl likes boy and now they’re getting married!

Video by the groom himself!

movie theater proposal