The Dogist Helps Couple Get Engaged: Jordan and Corey

How We Met: We met on a dating site in June, 2011. As fate would have it, Jordan had an internship (this was the summer before her senior year in college) in the building right next to my office. Once we started dating, we would meet every morning at the coffee shop across the street from our offices. After the summer ended, we survived a distance relationship by seeing each other on the weekends either at UMASS or in NYC.

the dogist proposal

how they asked: A few months before we got engaged, Jordan mentioned that it was her dream to get her dog, Oakley, featured on The Dogist. Once I heard this, I contacted The Dogist with a “proposal.” I wanted to have Oakley photographed on the bench (wearing a sign) where I first asked Jordan out. Once this was done, I asked The Dogist to post the picture when Jordan and I would be in Central Park a few weeks later. Once the picture was posted and Jordan saw it, I got down on one knee in the place where our relationship began. After Jordan said yes, our best friends met us in the park with Oakley so The Dogist could take an “after” picture…

the dogist proposal 2

Photos by The Dogist