The Cutest Alpaca Proposal You Ever Did See

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Alpaca Farm

How We Met

I’m Canadian and had spent several years traveling abroad and living in Vancouver before deciding to move back to my small hometown in Southern Ontario to be closer to my family. Besides my relatives, those I knew there had long since moved, and I was having a difficult time readjusting to a quiet, uneventful existence without knowing many people under the age of 50 in the area. I downloaded Bumble on a whim, wondering who was around that I could befriend and have a casual beer with. Rick, a tall dark and handsome Floridian was my first match. He was playing Federal League hockey in a neighboring town for the season but was leaving shortly to go back home to the sunshine. We initially connected over the fact that I have extended family in Florida, and that he’s a pig dad to a potbellied pig named Nathan (I’m a big-time animal lover). Instantly I was surprised by how attentive he was and how much we had in common. After messaging for some time we decided to meet at a cafe/bakery near where he played hockey. Knowing that he was leaving in a couple weeks I was happy to just dress up and meet for coffee, not at all anticipating how much it would change my life.

Proposal Ideas Alpaca Farm

I found his curiosity about Canadian things to be hilarious and endearing so I picked up a bag of sour key candies for him at a gas station on the way (he had never heard of them!). From day one we were instantly connected. We spent the afternoon exchanging stories like we were life long friends and laughing until we were literally in tears. Coffee turned to drinks, turned to dinner. We made a second date moments after driving away from the first one and were instantly and unexpectedly inseparable. Rick was able to move hockey teams and extend his season into playoffs and even when he left we made the long distance work with letters, once a month visits back and forth, and plenty of Facetiming until the hockey season started back up and he was able to play close to me again.

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How they asked

When we first started dating it was near my birthday. Rick got me an alpaca sketch pad since they were my favourite animals from the petting zoo on our second (and one of our most unforgettable) dates. During our time apart, one of the letters I wrote him had our picture beside alpaca faces mirroring their expression perfectly and it became a running joke.

Alora's Proposal in Alpaca Farm

Over a year later I just knew an alpaca walk is what we had to do for my birthday. I had read an article about SAMY’s alpaca farm and fibre studio which offered leashed walks with the animals. I booked a photographer to take pictures of us on our stroll. Meanwhile, little did I know that Rick had actually ordered a ring in December… and they sent him the wrong one! Even worse, when he returned the ring the company lost it in the mail and by the time they found the package, the ring he wanted was out of stock.

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Knowing that we had a photographer booked for this excursion he made it happen anyway. He let the photographer in on his plans and got a ring (the day of!). It was the coldest day of the week and I was walking a little fast being completely under-dressed for the elements, but having the best time with my adorable furry companion when the photographer asked me to turn around.

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I thought it was for a picture so I posed happily before realizing that Rick was on one knee. I was utterly confused and thinking he was joking, asked him what he was doing! He then proceeded with his speech and pulled out a ring box. Complete surprise turned into an over-joyed happy/ugly cry, and I said yes! I’m so glad we had the photographer there to document the most special moment in our shared lives so far. If I could “Ground Hog Day” any 24 hours of my choice I’d repeat that day over and over!

Alora and Rick's Engagement in Alpaca Farm

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