The Bachelor Spoof Marriage Proposal

Fan of The Bachelor? This super creative marriage proposal is a spoof of The Bachelor and completely caught Cindy off guard in front of her whole family. Read her side of the surprise proposal and be SURE to read the groom’s “how we met” story just below. He’s unbelievably romantic and we’ve all got major butterflies over here!

I always gave Adam a hard time. “When are you going to propose?”, “You are never going to ask me are you?”, “You don’t want to marry me do you!”, “Why haven’t you asked me yet?”… among other questions! I didn’t know that at the same time he had been planning it for a month, poor guy. All my family and friends even knew except my niece Mikala (she would have blown it).

They had the perfect cover and I had no clue. Adam and I were going on a week-long cruise and would be gone for my brother-in-law’s birthday. We told my brother-in-law, Garrick, that we would be doing lunch on Sunday with the family before we left. On the side, my sister told me she wanted to do something a little extra and have the family show up at the Studio Movie Grill Theater for an early movie and surprise him. So as you can imagine, here I go getting balloons, decorations, confetti poppers, a cake, and birthday signs so we can decorate the row in the movie theater and SURPRISE him!!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013 arrives. I’m up and on the move so Adam and I won’t be late! I was not going to be the late one with the decorations and ruin the surprise. So Adam and I are on the way and apparently running early on his time clock but for mine, we were right on time. Adam decides he is hungry and wants to stop for kolaches.. I’m like really! we have got to get there ASAP! Then he wants a smoothie! “Geesh baby” I start to complain. He’s like “Okay, okay we can go”. We get there and apparently they are trying to keep me from going into the theater to decorate because it wasn’t ready yet. Adam ran ahead of me to hide the people who were there for the reason I had no clue about. When the “theater was ready” I went in and started decorating it as people have now joked “for my own engagement”.

So, Garrick arrives and I yell “Surprise!” and pop confetti poppers while everyone else just sits there – I don’t think anything of it so I start moving things around to get ready for the movie. I notice that Adam has disappeared.

A few minutes pass still no sign of Adam! I start to head out of the theater to look for him and then what I thought was a movie preview comes on so I stop. I see “The Bachelor” come up on the screen and I thought it was a commercial or something so I start looking for Adam again. Then I hear his voice on the speaker, I turn, I look at the screen, I see Adam in a Bachelor interview. I’m confused. What is he doing? It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday…


I watch and begin to realize he is talking about me and how he loves me. I see my dad. Adam is asking my dad for my hand in marriage. I am in disbelief, is this really happening I thought, is this for real, am I dreaming!?!?! I see my family and friends holding signs “He as a question?”, “He has something to ask you!”, “Don’t Cry”. Then I see Adam in tux coming up the escalator of the theater and down the hall headed towards me. He stops at the door fixes his tie, now as you can imagine by this time I am about to ball, I’m already crying but about to completely break down. I look for him and wait for him to come in the theater – there he is looking so good in his tux. I’m so in love, so happy. He gets down on one knee and apparently before he even asks I obviously jump and smile and say “Yes! Yes! OF COURSE! I LOVE YOU!” We hug, I cry, he puts on the ring. It’s the one. I love it.

I begin to look around – everyone knew, I was the only one, our friends come out of the dark. They were there the whole time hiding! Now I am the happiest woman in world and engaged to man of dreams, my fairytale prince.

Bachelor Engagement

How We Met (from the Groom):
I was in my first week at a new job. There was a laundry list of new hire tasks to do, introductions to make, and faces to get to know. My boss and coworker did their best to make me feel at home and market my skills to the surrounding offices.

Once a month, the company holds safety meetings in the second floor cafeteria. Everyone in the office comes to this meeting for a safety update. The cafeteria was nearly a quarter full. I followed my boss and coworker and sat where they usually sit. Near the exit.

The room slowly began to fill up more. The few suit and ties congregated together. The rest were aged men in dirty coveralls, still wearing their hard hats and holding their greasy gloves. And that is when it happened.

I scanned the room, separating the people I have met from the ones I have not.

Suddenly, every face went blank. My coworker’s voice slowly drowned away and I caught myself in a stare. For a brief moment, everything stopped.

After many years of loving and losing, a man forgets a few things. Amongst manners and romance, a man forgets the fairytale. He resents the idea that a perfect love can exist and that a soulmate walks the earth until paths cross.
While this may seem a bit extreme for the first encounter, but at that moment I finally believed in “Love at First Sight”.

“Who. Is. That?” I muttered to my coworker. Without making it obvious I did my best to motion toward the ONLY beautiful woman in the room, as if it were not completely obvious who I was looking at. Even from across the room, I could see her soft blue eyes and pouty lips. She certainly glowed.

“Who…Cindy?” he replied.


Never had a beautiful name fit such a beautiful face.

Now all of this to say, I didn’t hear wedding bells and I didn’t start naming our children. I was actually in a committed relationship, and I later learned that she had her own situations as well. But I must say, that I had a very strong feeling that there was something special about Cindy. As the weeks past, I saw her often. Nearly every day in fact.

My office was in her route, to-and-from the office kitchen. Every day she passed by my office. She had a cute bounce in her step, and her ponytail would bounce along for the ride. She had a glorious smile; at times it took my breath away. She would continue to the kitchen, making her breakfast that consisted of crystal light and water mixed in a red thermos with our company logo. Occasionally I would hear her stop and talk with my coworker whose office was next door to mine. Lucky guy. One day, after mentioning her in conversation, my coworker decided to introduce me.

I could hear them walking towards my office. I quickly did my best to straighten any wild hairs, and put my fingers to the keyboard, as to look busy.I didn’t look up right away, but I could see them in my peripherals.There Cindy stood in my doorway, in all of her perfection. The eyes and smile and all.

In a fun and completely awkward professional (but slightly flirty) tone, we both exchanged names and roles. From then on, she stopped by often, usually on her way to the kitchen. We talked about the weather and general interests, like Country Dancing and going to the beach. Other days a simple smile and “Good Morning” would suffice. Either way, I felt like the lucky man.

Readers: I know what you’re thinking…MAKE A MOVE ALREADY! Remember that both she and I were in committed relationships. Yes I admit to having a crush on Cindy, but out of respect for others and us, nothing more happened.

Fast forward nearly two years.

If this were a book, I would describe the “other” relationships in the next chapter. Needless to say, they didn’t work out and the details are not important. Cindy and her situation ended for unsaid reasons. A few months later, my situation ended and I found myself single.

One morning, Cindy was making her walk to the kitchen when I stopped her.“HEY!” I yelped. Probably a bit too loud and bouncing my foot (as I do when im nervous). She stopped and back tracked to my door. “Yes?” she retorted.

The Moment.

“Would you like to go to Country and Western dance lessons with me?” I asked. I could see the confusion in her eyes. She turned her chin and squinted her eyes. “That sounds fun, but don’t you have a girlfriend for that?”

I smiled and proudly announced – “We broke up a few weeks ago.” I’ll never forget the look on her face. Her confused daze, turned into a huge smile.

She accepted my proposal and from that moment we were inseparable.
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